Classic Car Catalogue

Bond 1948


Great Britain

Prototyp trójkołowca nowej marki Bond.

Niezwykle prymitywny Bond niema nawet tylnego zawieszenia, ale z ceną 198 funtów stanowi dobrą alternatywę dla posiadaczy motocykli. Napędzany jest silnikiem Villers 122 cm³.

Bond Aircraft and Engineering Co. (Blackpool) Ltd of Longridge, Lancs, introduced their first three-wheeler in mid-1948. Intended as a 'runabout for shopping and calls within a 20-30 mile radius', the car have a chassisless body of stressed-skin construction. It is powered by a 125-cc Villiers two-stroke engine, mounted on a swivelling fork which carry the front wheel, suspension being by means of a trailing link. The brakes operate only on the unsprung but resiliently and independently mounted rear wheels.