BNC 1934



In 1931 BNC (Bollack, Netter et Cie) was taken over by André Siréjols who in his garage Levallois, continue small-scale production NBC 1100 engine Ruby. This sports car has not changed since and still features 1.1 litre Ruby engine and an original very inclined grille. Born November 30, 1902, André Siréjols had just over twenty when he started paticipating in auto races with his group of friends.






  24h Le Mans 16.06.1934 Entrant: Results:
gen. class
#45 (992 cc) Alin / Alin Alin Fréres 21st 13th - 751-1100

BNC 1100 on return from 24 hours Spa.

BNC 992 cc (Adrien Alin / Albert Alin) at Le Mans.