Classic Car Catalogue

Bertone 1967


Fiat 125 EXECUTIVE (prototyp)
Lamborghini MARZAL (prototyp)
Alfa Romeo MONTREAL (prototyp)
Jaguar PIRANA (prototyp)
Lamborghini Miura Spider (prototyp)
Mazda 1500/1800 



The "Marzal" was shown in March at the Geneva Salon. This prototype has a halved V12 Lamborghini engine, so it is a 2-liter six-cylinder unit installed behind the rear axle, because they wanted to acommodate four-seats. In addition to many other features, the Marzal has swing-wing doors in whitch the windows extends to the very bottom edge.



Marzal Lamborghini


Fiat 125 in Turin.


Fiat 125




Pirana Jaguar

Pirana Jaguar


Fiat 850 Primatop


Alfa Romeo Montreal

Berlinetta Fiat 850