Classic Car Catalogue

Bertone 1952


Lancia Aurelia B 15 Limousine
Abarth Coupé (prototype)
Borgward (prototype)



For many years Nuccio Berone continued racing, with many successes, until his family finally persuaded him to quit in 1952.
Bertone also spread their influence across the Altantic, building a series of cars for Arnolt, an American MG importer. A number of cars were built on MG chassis followed by various spiders and a Coupé which used a Bristol chassis. The Arnolt-Bristol was designed by the then little known Franco Scaglione who was working alongside another now famous name, Giovanni Michelotti at the Bertone establishment.


Lancia Aurelia B 15


Siata Daina


MG by Michelotti.




Arnolt MG TD
At the Turin Motor Show, Bertone presented cabriolet and coupè, built on the chassis of the MG TD (1250 cc engine, 54 hp),


Arnolt MG


Abarth 1500



Abarth Fiat 1500 exhibited at 34th Turin Motor Show.