Bertone 1967


Fiat 125 EXECUTIVE (prototyp)
Lamborghini MARZAL (prototyp)
Alfa Romeo MONTREAL (prototyp)
Jaguar PIRANA (prototyp)
Lamborghini Miura Spider (prototyp)
Mazda 1500/1800 



The "Marzal" was shown in March at the Geneva Salon. This prototype has a halved V12 Lamborghini engine, so it is a 2-liter six-cylinder unit installed behind the rear axle, because they wanted to acommodate four-seats. In addition to many other features, the Marzal has swing-wing doors in whitch the windows extends to the very bottom edge.



Marzal Lamborghini


Fiat 125 in Turin.


Fiat 125




Pirana Jaguar

Pirana Jaguar





Alfa Romeo Montreal

Fiat 850 Primatop