Classic Car Catalogue

Autobleu 1953

  wb: 4 cyl.
747 cm³
25 ch
4 CV 210 cm coach


Established in January 1950 by Maurice Mestivier and Roger Lepeytre, the firm Autobleu is located at 15 rue Aumont-ThiƩville, Paris. They manufacture equipment to improve the performance of the engines of Renault 4 CV. Thanks to their special maniflods and carburetors they offer a real gain in power and speed. Three years after its creation, the company has become so successful that its executives plan to start small-scale production of a luxury coach based on the platform and mechanics of the Renault 4 CV. In May 1953, the press was invited for the presentation of the first Autobleu whose nice bodywork is designed and made at Ghia in Turin. It is a steel stucture with body panels made of aluminium. Production began a few months later, for the 1954 model year.