Austin Healey 1959

100 Six – end of prod.  
3000 – new model in March  

During 1958-59 the 100 Six was produced also by the MG Car Co.

100 Six BN4 and BN6 were superseded by the 3000 Model BN7. It is distinguished by a "3000" flash on the horizontal slatted radiator grille and features a larger (2912-cc) six-cylinder engine which develops 132 bhp (net) at 4750 rpm, a new front suspension system, and front disc brakes as standard. Also available is a two/four-seater (BT7) version.

50.000 samochód opuszcza fabryke w Abingdon.


100 Six and 3000

100 Six (BN4/BN6) roadster R6 cyl.
2639 cc
102 bhp
– end of prod.
3000 (BN7/BT7) roadster R6 cyl.
2912 cc
132 bhp
– new model





  R4 cyl.
948 cc
43 bhp





Austin Healey Sprite (Thomas Henry Wisdom - Bernard Cahier) at Targa Florio.

  Targa Florio entries:
Scuderia: Results:
#70 Sprite Wisdom/Cahier 18th
9th - sport, 3rd - 751-1100