Austin 1974

1100/1300 - end of prod. (1963-74 - 1,119,800 ex.)

Great Britain


1100 and 1300

1100 (R4 cyl, 1098 cc, 48 bhp) - end of prod.
1300 (R4 cyl, 1275 cc, 58 bhp) - end of prod.
   Saloon 2-dr
   Saloon 4-dr
1300 GT (R4 cyl, 1275 cc, 70 bhp) - end of prod.



1100 De-luxe (R4 cyl, 1098 cc, 48 bhp-DIN)
1300 Super De-luxe (R4 cyl, 1275 cc, 56 bhp-DIN)
   Saloon 2-dr
   Saloon 4-dr
1300 De-luxe (R4 cyl, 1275 cc, 56 bhp-DIN)
1500 Super De-luxe (R4 cyl, 1485 cc, 68 bhp-DIN)
1500 Special (R4 cyl, 1485 cc, 68 bhp-DIN)
1750 Sport (R4 cyl, 1748 cc, 91 bhp-DIN)
1750 HL (R4 cyl, 1748 cc, 91 bhp-DIN)
   Saloon 4-dr

Allegro 1000 and 1300

Allegro 1100 De-luxe
There's so much to say about the fabulous Allegro range. And so much to admire and enjoy. Like the brilliant *Hydragas suspension, the alternator, electric cooling fan, heated rear window, radial-ply tyres. Plus superb body style and a frugal but powerful 1098 c.c. engine, transversely mounted.
Allegro 1300 De-luxe
The list of Allegro features continues. Electric windscreen washers, two-speed wipers with flick-wipe facility, door-mounted mirror, fresh-flow ventilation, safety steering column. Plus, in this model, extra performance from a lusty yet delightfully thrifty 1275 c.c. engine.
Allegro 1300 Super De-luxe
All the standard Allegro features, like a 2-speed heater, steering column lock, recessed door handles and anti-burst locks. Plus, in the Super de Luxe, fully fitting carpeting, reclining front seats with knit-back expanded vinyl facings, cigar lighter and extra body trim.

Allegro 1500

Allegro 1500 Super De-luxe
As the engine size grows, so does the list of Allegro features. In this model, we've added a five speed gearbox, twin horns and lots of extra luxury touches. But the biggest feature of all is the 1485 c.c. engine; the overhead camshaft unit based on the well-proved Maxi engine. Thanks to that high fifth gear, you'll find it amazingly thrifty on long runs. And, with the engine working less hard, you'll feel more relaxed too.

Allegro 1500 Special
These days, more and more people are opting for the thrifty Allegro 1500 engine. But some of them want extra style. The 1500 Special gives them both. In addition to the wealth of standard Allegro features, there's deep-pile carpeting, simulated wood inserts, a clock, stitched gaiters and — most impressive of all-an elegant vinyl covered roof.

Allegro 1750

Allegro 1750 Sport
This time, we've equipped the Allegro with real power drive-a 1748 c.c., 91 b.h.p. overhead camshaft unit, matched to a five speed gearbox to keep your petrol bills down. There are all the standard Allegro features too, of course, plus head restraints and still more luxury.

Allegro 1750 HL
You might call it the ultimate Allegro. And you'd be right. The 1750 HL really does have everything. Including reversing lamps, boot lamp, pre-engaged starter motor, rear seat centre arm rest, vinyl trimmed roof. And, remember, the long list of Allegro features already described. Better run your eye over them all again !



1500 (R4 cyl, 1485 cc, 68 bhp-DIN)
1750 (R4 cyl, 1748 cc, 72 bhp-DIN)
HL (R4 cyl, 1748 cc, 91 bhp-DIN)

Maxi 1500 and 1750
It's been said that no one's yet designed the ideal car to meet every situation. Maybe so. But the Maxi comes very close to that ideal. Here's a spacious and elegant 4/5-seater with five doors and enormous built-in versatility. Yet it's as handsome and comfortable as any conventional luxury saloon. And, with five speeds, far more economical.
Maxi HL
For the man who wants Maxi versatility plus even more sparkling performance, more features and extra luxury — the Maxi HL. The twin carburetter 1748 c.c. engine delivers a thrusting 91 b.h.p. at 5,250 r.p.m. And, for comfort at speed, there are brushed nylon seat inserts, a sports steering wheel and a host of driver features. Like a padded, non-reflective fascia, electrically heated rear window and electric screen washer. And lots more.


1800 and 2200

1800 (R4 cyl, 1798 cc, 82 bhp-DIN)
2200 (R6 cyl, 2227 cc, 108 bhp-DIN)

1800 Saloon
If you need a really roomy car but can't stand the idea of driving a juggernaut, you'll appreciate the Austin 1800. With no prop shaft tunnel or gearbox hump (the engine is mounted transversely and drives the front wheels, remember), your family has room to sprawl while you enjoy confident driving. The 1798 c.c. engine is powerful enough to cope with any situation and the whole car is engineered to match its performance.

2200 Saloon
For many businessmen, only a prestige car will do. But does it have to be a battleship? Here is luxury, elegance, comfort, six-cylinder smoothness, performance, impeccable handling and limousine quietness, all within a compact and stylish bodyshell and at a refreshingly reasonable price. If you're in the market for a prestige saloon, examine all the others, then take a calculated test drive in the Austin 2200. We think you may be rather surprised. Not to mention enthusiastic.


FX 4

FX4 (R4 cyl, diesel, 2520 cc)