Austin 1968

Mini Mk II  
A110 - discontinued (1959-68 - 41,250 ex.)
1800 - discontinued
1800 Mk II - new model in May
Gipsy - discontinued (1957-67 - 21,000 ex.)
Mini Moke - discontinued

Great Britain

The concentration within the British automobile industry is advancing. The Nuffield group was formed in the twenties, which initially included Morris, Wolseley and MG. In 1938 they took over the Riley. In 1952 the Nuffield group united with Austin, then the largest British car brand, and the British Motor Corporation (BMC) was formed. The merger of this group with the Jaguar Daimler Group in 1967 saw the formation of British Motor Holdings. The Leyland Group, a major truck manufacturer that owns the Standard Triumph, took over the BMH. At the same time Rover-Alvis had been incorporated. The new big company, which includes all of these brands is called British Leyland Motor Corporation. British Leyland is after the VW the second largest car manufacturer in Europe.

Mini Mk II

  wb: 4 cyl.
848 cc
37 bhp
4 cyl.
998 cc
42 bhp
4 cyl.
998 cc
70 bhp
4 cyl.
1275 cc
76 bhp
Saloon 6ft 8¼in 850 1000 Cooper
S 1275
Estate 7ft 0in - Countryman - -  


Synchromesh replaced and gear-change improved by having synchro on first gear.

Mini Countryman Mk II

1100 Mk II and 1300

wb: 7ft 9½in 4 cyl.
1098 cc
48 bhp
4 cyl.
1275 cc
58 bhp
Saloon 4-dr 1100 1300  
Saloon 2-dr 1100 1300  
Estate Countryman Countryman  


March 1968: Austin America introduced, for sale only in US, Canada and Switzerland. Fitted with a de-toxed 60bhp version of the 1275cc engine and 4-speed auto transmission.
1100 Countryman deleted.

1100 Mk2 Super Deluxe Saloon

1100 Mk 2


1300 Super Deluxe Saloon

1300 Countryman

Austin America


wb: 8ft 4¼in R4 cyl.
1622 cc
61 bhp
R4 cyl. diesel
1489 cc
40 bhp
saloon Cambridge   ?
estate Countryman   ?




wb: 8ft 10in 4 cyl.
1798 cc
84 bhp
4 cyl.
1798 cc
86 bhp
Saloon Mk I Mk II  



A110 Mk II

wb: 9ft 2in 6 cyl.
2912 cc
120 bhp
- discontinued
Saloon Westminster  




wb: 9ft 6½in 6 cyl.
2912 cc
124 bhp




          - discontinued




    4 cyl.
2199 cc
62 bhp
4 cyl. diesel
2178 cc
55 bhp
- discontinued


Problematyczny, terenowy model Gipsy nigdy nie zagroził pozycji Land Rovera na rynku. Leyland przejął nie tylko Austina, ale także Rovera, więc produkcja Gipsy została wstrzymana.

FX4 and FL2

Taxi FX4 FX4D  
Hire Car FL2 FL2D  


Austin FX 4
1967/68 - 1,468 szt.



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
   RMC       Aaltonen/ Liddon Cooper S 3rd
  London-Sydney         Hopkirk/ Nash/ Pole   2nd