Austin 1967

Great Britain



Mini 850
Mini 850 Countryman kombi - ost. rok
Mini Cooper (998) - ost. rok
Mini Cooper S 1275 - ost. rok
1100/1300 modernizacja - Mk2
1100 berline - ost. rok
1100 Countryman kombi
1300 - nowy model
1800 berline
A 40 coach "Farina" Mk II - ost rok
A 60
A 60 Camgridge "Farina" berline
A 60 Countryman "Farina" kombi - ost. rok
A 110 Westminster berline
3-litre - nowy model
Taxicab FX 4 1966/67 - 1,943 szt.
Mini Moke 850
Gipsy (R4, 2199 cm³/ R4D, 2178 cm³)

1100 - Summer 1967: Single-carb, 58bhp 1275cc engine speculatively fitted to the four up-market models (MG, Wolseley, Riley, VP) but still with original body-style; these cars were badged "1275".

October 1967: "Mark II" bodywork (with cropped rear fins) introduced on all ADO16s except the estates, which always retained the original rear design. At the same time, the 1300 version was formally introduced (still with the 58bhp 1275cc engine) in all six marques (so at this time, the MG version was no faster than any other - probably slightly slower due to its extra metalwork). All 1100 models, which were produced with the revised bodywork, were known as 1100 MkIIs, but with the 1300s, the Austin and Morris versions were called MkII (even though there had never been a previous 1300 version) while the four upmarket models did without the mark designation at this stage.



Mini Cooper 1275 S

Mini Van

Mini 850 model '68.



A 40

A 40



1100 and 1100 Mk 2 / 1300

Zmodernizowany Austin 1100 Mk2 / 1300.

1100 Mk 2


1300 Countryman






A 110 Westminster


A 110 Westminster Super DeLuxe Mk II


3-Litre – Autumn




Mini Moke

Mini Moke w wersji przeznaczonej dla wojska.


Mini Moke

FX 4 Taxicab

FX 4


Zwycięstwo (Aaltonen/ Liddon) w RMC (Mini Cooper S).
Zwycięstwo (Hopkirk/ Crellin) w Rajdzie Akropolu (Mini Cooper S).
Zwycięstwo (Hopkirk/ Crellin) w Rajdzie Alpejskim (Mini Cooper S).
Zwycięstwo (Mäkinen/ Keskitalo) w Rajdzie 1000 Jezior (Mini Cooper S).

Mini na trasie Rajdu Monte Carlo.


Targa Florio. Paul Metternich and Wittigo Von Einsiedel in the Mini Cooper S had an accident.