Austin 1955

Great Britain

 A 30 Seven saloon
 A 40 Cambridge saloon
 A 50 Cambridge saloon
 A 90 Six Westminster saloon
 A 135 Princess Saloon (6cyl, 3995 cm³,)
 A 135 Princess limousine (DM)
FX 3
 Hire Car FL 1 limousine
 Taxicab FX 3



Austin's stand in Motor Show at Earls Court.

A 30 Seven

Countryman, mechanically similar to the saloon version, this two-door utility model have a squarish metal-panelled body, with a single rear seat. Dimensions: length 11 ft 6 in, width 4 ft 8 in, height 5 ft 3 in. The two-door and four-door saloons are continued with no material changes.

A 30 Seven


Austin A30 Model AP4 Countryman.



A 40 – A 50 Cambridge

Austin A40 Cambridge Saloon, Model GS5. Following on the tradition of the Devon and Somerset A40s, this two- and four-door model had a completely new flush-sided body which feature a low, wide grille with five 'rippled" horizontal bars, a dummy air scoop on the bonnet nose. and straight-through wings. Powered by the reliable 1200-cc 42-bhp engine, it have a 6 ¾ in longer wheelbase than its predecessor (the Somerset) and yet is only 2 ¾ in longer overall. Also available is the A50, which is a bigger-engined version-1489 cc, 50 bhp at 4400 rpm.

A 50 Cambridge

A 40 Cambridge



A 90 Westminster

Austin A90 Westminster Model BS4 Saloon have a similar body to the A40/A50 Cambridge but with detail differences such as a seven-bar grille, chrome body-side mouldings and greater overall dimensions. It is powered by a six-cylinder 2639-cc 85-bhp engine coupled with a four-speed gearbox; overdrive or automatic transmission are optional.

A 90


A 90

A 135 Princess

A 135 Saloon

A 135 Princess saloon

A 135 Princess Limousine



The British military turned their interest into Land Rovers rather than Austin Champs. 3531 units were delivered this year.