Austin 1954

Great Britain

A 30 Seven
 A 30 Seven saloon
A 40 Somerset (1200cc, 42 KM)
 A 40 Somerset saloon, convertible - ost.rok
Cambridge – nowy model – wrzesień.
 A 40 Cambridge saloon
 A 50 Cambridge saloon
A 70 Hereford (4cyl, 2199 cm³,67 KM)
 A 70 Hereford saloon - ost. rok
 A 70 Countryman estate - ost. rok
A 90 Westminster – nowy model – wrzesień
 A 90 Six Westminster saloon
 A 125 Sheerline saloon (6cyl, 3995 cm³,) - ost. rok. Powstało 9.000 szt.
 A 135 Princess saloon (6cyl, 3995 cm³,)
 A 135 Princess limousine (DM)
FX 3
 Hire Car FL 1 limousine
 Taxicab FX 3 - opcjonalnie silnik wysokoprężny 2,2 litra.


Zmiany w silniku i przekładni głównej A30 zaowocowały zmniejszeniem zużycia paliwa. Pojawiły się nowe wersje A30: 5cvt van oraz kombi Countryman w cenie 593 funtów.
Zaprezentowany w Londynie A 90 Westminster wyposażony jest w nowy silnik typu "C", 6 cyl, 2639 cm, 85 KM. Jest to następca A 70 Hereford, którego od 1950 roku wyprodukowano w 50.421 egzemplarzach. Zakończyła się też produkcja A 40 Somerset. Powstało 173.306 szt.

Sheerline Gas Turbine prototype developed over a five-year period, "TUR 1" saw the light of day in 1954. Its engine employed compressors from the Spitfire's Merlin engine to pass air through the heat exchanger; combined with sprayed diesel and ignited with a Lucas ignition system, this produced the hot gases to drive the power turbine.


A 30 Seven

Model AS4 two-door Saloon joined the four-door Saloon in October 1953. Both models have a completely restyled interior (including redesigned fascia and parcel shelf, increased knee and headroom, wider front seats and improved trim) and an increase in luggage boot capacity.

A 30 Seven

Austin A30


A 30 Countryman


A 40 Somerset

end of prod..

A 40 Somerset - Australian advert.

A 40 Somerset DHC


A 70 Hereford

The A70 Hereford range continued in production until October 1954.

A 70 Hereford Saloon


A 70 Hereford Countryman

A 135 Princess III

A 135 Princess


A 135 Princess


Austin Champ Model WN1 4-ton 4 x 4 field car is produced in large numbers for the British Army and powered by a standardized Rolls-Royce B40 four-cylinder engine. From 1952 Austin also offers a civilian version (Model WN3), with their own A90 engine, civilian-style instrument panel and non-folding windscreen.
4038 Champs were built for the military.




A 40 – A 50 Cambridge

A40 Cambridge which made its first official appearance at Paris Motor Show in October, is first mid range monocoque from Austin featuring uprated 42 bhp 1200cc Somerset engine and column change 4 speed box. Coil spring ifs and cart sprung rear. Top speed 69 mph. A50 have 50bhp 1489cc engine and top speed of 74 mph.

A 40 - A 50 Cambridge

A 40 Cambridge

A 50 Cambridge



A 90 Westminster

Big brother to the Cambridge – A90 Westminster was announced in 1954 alongside the smaller car and similar in appearance, but only doors are common. Powered by new 85 bhp 2639cc "C" series engine giving 85 mph top speed. Four speed box with column change, coil spring ifs and cart sprung rear, with anti roll bar.


A90 Westminster