Austin 1953

Great Britain

A 30 Seven (803cc, 28 KM)
 Seven 4-door saloon
 Seven 2-door saloon – nowa wersja w Londynie
A 40 Somerset (1200cc, 42 KM)
 Somerset salon, cabriolet
 Sports cabriolet Jensen – ost.rok
A 70 Hereford (4cyl, 2199 cm³,67 KM)
 Hereford saloon
 Countryman kombi
A 125 Sheerline
 Sheerline saloon (6cyl, 3995 cm³,)
 limousine - ost. rok
A 135 Princess
 Princess saloon (6cyl, 3995 cm³,)
 Princess limousine (DM) – nowy model
FX 3
 Hire Car FL 1 limousine
 Taxicab FX 3



A30 - nowa wersja 2dr zaprezentowana na Earls Court Show w Londynie kosztuje tylko £475. Obie wersje mają nową deskę rozdzielczą, podwójne tylne światła. Dzięki nowej konstrukcji siedzeń, uzyskano więcej miejsca dla pasażerów.


October '52 Earls Court advert.



A 30 Seven

The new Seven two-door was introduced at Earls Court.

A 30


A 30

A 40 Somerset

A 40 Somerset Saloon

A 40 Somerset

A 40


A 40 Sports


A 40 Sports Jensen


A 70 Hereford

A 70 Hereford


A 70 Hereford Countryman

A 125 Sheerline

Austin A 125 Sheerline limousine



A 135 Princess II / III

Austin A 135 Princess, Model DM4, Limousine. Long-wheelbase model was introduced in October 1952. This Vanden Plas coachbuilt model - an addition to the 3.9-litre engined saloon and touring limousine (from 1948) have an overall length some 20 in greater than the other two models and provide seating for nine. The chassis is used also for special bodywork, e.g. ambulances and hearses.

Princess II and Limousine


Princess II

Princess III

Princess III



The contract with the British Army has been amendmended due to the termination of the contract for Rolls Royce B40 No 1 Mk 2/A 4 engines in 1952.
Also between 1948 and 1952, the War Office had already purchased a total of 2331 Land Rover Mk 1 (80" with 1600 cc engine) and 2100 Land Rover Mk 2 (80" with 1997 cc engine). For the price of one Champ, the government can purchase at least two Land Rovers!