Austin 1949

Great Britain

A 40 Devon berline
A 40 Dorset coach - ost. rok
16 HP – cased early 1949.
A 70 Hampshire limousine
A 90 Atlantic coach, cabrio – February
A 125 Sheerline berline (6cyl, 3995 cm³,)
A 125 limousine – September
A 135 Princess berline (6cyl, 3995 cm³,)
Hire Car FL 1 limousine
Taxicab FX 3

Stoisko na salonie w Nowym Yorku poświęconym samochodom Europejskim.


In October last year joint statements by the Austin Motor Co. and the Nuffield Organisation revealed that the two companies intended to combine their factory resources and to interchange information on production methods, costs, design, research and maintenance in order to bring about a closer standardization and consequent increase in efficiency and lower costs.
The two companies now announce that, following preliminary investigations, the interchange of confidential information has ceased; no further steps will be taken to pool production resources and no merger of any kind is contemplated. There will, however, still be consultations through the medium of the recently formed standardization committee on matters affecting the motor industry as a whole.'

(The Autocar 1949)





A 40

Austin Motor Company's bread-and-butter model is the A40 Devon four-door Saloon, a carry over from 1948.

A 40 Devon

A 40 Panel Delivery



A 70

Austin A70 Hampshire Saloon, Model BS2, was introduced in July 1948, and has the same 2199-cc engine as the old Sixteen (which was end of prod. in March 1949). It features IFS and steering-column gearshift. Brakes are Girling hydraulic 2LS front, mechanical rear and wheelbase is 8 ft. From November an Estate Car version was offered, the Model BW3 Countryman.

70 Hampshire at Earls Court


A 70 Countryman

A 90

Austin A90 Atlantic Convertible, Model DB2, appeared in February 1949. It feature rather unusual body styling and is powered by a twin-carburettor (SU) 2660-cc OHV Four engine of 88 bhp (a larger-bore edition of the Sixteen and A70 engine). The Atlantic made history at Indianapolis, USA, where it broke many International reCords during an impressive run which lasted seven days and nights. Power hood available in A90 Atlantic as an option, and fixed head saloon from 1949.


A 90 Atlantic Convertible


A 125 and A 135

Austin A125 Sheerline DS1 and A135 Princess DS2 are carryovers from the previous year. In September 1949, an A125 Limousine was introduced. This car, designated Model DM1, is a lengthened six-light edition of the Saloon, with a wheelbase of 11 ft (v. 9 ft 11 ½ in). It have a glass partition between front and rear compartment and a two-piece propeller shaft. A Touring Limousine (DM2) version of the Vanden Plas bodied A135 Princess had been introduced in the previous October.



FX 3 and FL 1

Austin Hire Car, Model FL1, is a four-door edition of the FX3 Taxi with single-piece front seat. It have the 2.2-litre (2199cc) OHV Four engine, developing 67 bhp at 3800 rpm, driving through a four-speed gearbox and underslung worm drive rear axle. Brakes are Girling mechanical and four hand-operated Smith hydraulic jacks are standard fitments. Turning circle is 35 ft.

FX 3 Taxicab