Austin 1938

Great Britain

Seven Ruby
Light 12/4
20 HP
- ost rok
Big Seven
- nowy model
- nowy model


Austin Seven was in its last full year. There were Saloon (Model ARR), Cabriolet (AC), Tourer (AAL) and Two-seater (APE) body styles. From July they had full Girling brakes and concealed bonnet hinges.
Austin Ten Cambridge Saloon and Conway Cabriolet looked similar to Fourteen, but were somewhat smaller and had four-cylinder 32-bhp power unit.
Austin Fourteen Goodwood Cabriolet was similar to Fourteen Goodwood Saloon except for the roll-back roof. Wheelbase was 9 ft 4 in. Engine was a 1711-cc (65.5 x 84.63 mm) side valve Six, developing 52 bhp and rated at 15.96 HP.
Austin Eighteen Iver is a seven-seater Limousine on 10 ft 3 in wheelbase chassis, powered by a 65-bhp 17.9 HP side-valve six engine of 2510-cc capacity (69.35 x 111 mm). Without sliding glass partition it was known as the Windsor Saloon, with 9 ft 4s in wheelbase (five-seater) as the Norfolk.
Austin Hire Car four cylinder, 2199-cc, 68 bhp, wheelbase 2.81m.




Seven Ruby


Big Seven


Big Seven ?



10 – December


10-4 Saloon



12 Estate




14 Saloon



18 Windsor Saloon


18 Saloon

Taxicab and Hire Car

Austin Taxicab

Hire Car