Austin 1936

Great Britain

Seven Ruby - ost rok
Seven 65 / Nippy
Sixteen / Eighteen
10/4 - ost rok
10/4 Sports - ost rok
Light 12/4 - ost rok
Light 12/6, 13.9 / 15.9 HP
12/6 Sports, 13.9 / 15.9 HP
20 HP

Stand at Olympia-Show in London.


Austin Seven was continued from 1935 with only detail modifications.
In January 10/4 Sherborne was introduced with streamlined rear body. It is 7 in longer that the Lichfield and have an extra window on the side. Some of the features are: the flush sunshine roof which could be locked at any position from closed to a maximum opening, the rear seat being flanked by arm rests, doors have built-in door locks. The rear seat is slightly deeper than in the Lichfield and the front seats are larger. The new car cost £178 in this form and the equivalent Lichfield was reduced to £168. Cheaper version was introduced later: a Fixed head cost £162 10s, having leathercloth seats and lacking bumpers and interior visor. At the same time the Lichfield version was reduced to £152 l0s. Sherborne stayed in production only till August.
Austin Twelve engine was a 28-bhp 1535-cc side-valve Four, rated at 11.9 HP. Four Ascot De Luxe Saloon cost Ł208 and had sunshine roof and leather upholstery as standard equipment (unlike the Ł188 fixed-head model).
Austin Twenty is Austin's largest car, with 11 ft 4 in wheelbase and 57.5-bhp 3.4-litre six-cylinder engine, rated at 23.5 HP. It featured Girling brakes and Jackall hydraulic jacks.



Seven Ruby

Seven Tourer

Seven Pearl Cabriolet

Seven Nippy




10 Sherbourne Saloon

10 Sherbourne Saloon

10/4 Colwyn Drophead Coupé

10 Cabriolet (October)

10 Sherbourne (January)




12 Saloon



20 Mayfair Landaulette