Austin 1935

Great Britain

Light Twelve-Four


This is basically the 1934/35 civilian model, with only minor modifications. Nearly 900 of this version were delivered to the British Army. It superseded the earlier type which had military pattern bodywork and was popularly known as 'the pram'.
Austin Seven Ruby De Luxe Saloon is one of a wide range of models in this popular economy range. Like the other Austin ranges the bodywork had been entirely restyled for the 1935 model year (commencing July 1934). It is generally more rounded, with slightly sloping radiator grille and shell painted to match the coachwork, longer bonnet with ventilator doors matching the scuttle ventilator, radiator filler under the bonnet, strengthened and lowered frame and other improvements. The Ruby have a 747.5-cc (56x76 mm) 12-bhp side-valve four-cylinder rubber-mounted engine, rated at 7.8 HP, with four-speed synchromesh gearbox. Wheelbase is 6 ft 9 in, tyre size 4.00-17. It cost £120; the basic version, without sliding roof, is available at £112.
Austin Seven Two-Seater for 1935 selling season is initially a continuation of the earlier square style, designated Opal. The Opal and the four-seater Open Road Tourer, in fact, retained the 1933/34 high frame until well into the 1935 model year. The Nippy and Speedy Sports Two-seaters are also continued with the earlier body styling.
The Austin Ten range is updated with the Lichfield having hydraulic shock-absorbers instead of the friction type. The price of the Lichfield went up by just £3, although the fixed-head saloon is kept at its old price, while the tourer version is increased by £6 to £158, Sports and cabriolet versions are unaffected. Lichfield and the Colwyn cabriolet have small changes by the adoption of a swept roof line in conjunction with a new design of windscreen. Austin Ten-Four Lichfield Saloon look much like the Seven Ruby but have four doors and is larger with one foot more wheelbase and overall length. It have an 1125-cc (63.5x89 mm) 20-bhp L-head Four engine, rated at 9.9 HP. Body style variants include the Colwyn Cabriolet, Clifton Two-seater and Ripley Sports.

Austin Sixteen-Six could be ordered with Hayes self-selector automatic gearbox at extra cost.
Austin Eighteen-Six look similar to the Sixteen-Six, the reason being that the Sixteen could be supplied with either 2249-cc or 2510-cc engine. Both have 111-mm stroke but bore is 65.5 mm and 69.5 mm respectively, giving a treasury rating of 15.9 and 17.9 HP. Wheelbase is 10 ft or 9 ft 4 in. depending on body style.



Seven (4 cyl.)
 Ruby Saloon
 Ruby Fixed Head Saloon
 Pearl Cabriolet
 Open Road Tourer
 Nippy Sports Two-Seater


Seven Ruby Saloon

Seven Pearl Cabriolet

Seven Opal Tourer

Seven Speedy



Ten-Four (4 cyl.; wb: 7 ft 9 in.)
 Lichfield Saloon
 Lichfield Fixed Head Saloon
 Colwyn Cabriolet
 Ripley Sports Tourer
 Open Road Tourer
 Clifton Two-Seater


10-4 Lichfield Saloon

10-4 Clifton Two-Seater and Open Road Tourer

10-4 Lichfield and 12-6 Ascot (in the background)

10-4 Cowlyn Cabriolet

10-4 Ripley Sports Tourer

10-4 Colwyn Cabriolet


Light Twelve-Four and Twelve-Six

Light Twelve-Four (4 cyl.; 8 ft 10 in.)
 Ascot Saloon
 Ascot Fixed Head Saloon
 Open Road Tourer
 Eton Two-Seater
Twelve-Six 13.9 h.p. (6 cyl.; 8 ft 10 in.)
Twelve-Six 15.9 h.p. (6 cyl.; 8 ft 10 in.)
 Ascot Saloon
 Ascot Fixed Head Saloon
 Kempton Sports Saloon
 Open Road Tourer
 Eton Two-Seater


11.9 / 13.9 / 15.9 Ascot Saloon

11.9 / 13.9 / 15.9 Eton 2-Seater

Ascot Saloon

11.9 / 13.9 / 15.9 Open Road Tourer

13.9 / 15.9 Kempton Sports Saloon



Sixteen and Eighteen

Sixteen (6 cyl.; wb: short - 9 ft 4 in., long – 10 ft.)
Eighteen (6 cyl.; wb: short - 9 ft 4 in., long – 10 ft.)
 Westminster Saloon 4-Light
 Chalfont Saloon with division
 York Saloon
 Hextford Saloon


16 / 18 Chalfont Saloon


16 / 18 York Saloon

16 York Saloon



Twenty (6 cyl.; wb: 11 ft 4 in.)
 Mayfair Limousine
 Mayfair Landaulette


20 Mayfair



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
15.06.193524h Le Mans 4 4 2 60 Seven (749 cc) Dodson / Richardson 28th (up to 750 2nd)
          62 Seven (749 cc) Carr / Barbour 27th (up to 750 1st)

Le Mans.

Le Mans.

Le Mans.


  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
19-27.01.1935 Rallye Monte Carlo 1 1 1 43 Harney / Evans Seven 74th