Austin 1934

Great Britain

Seven - ost rok
Seven 65 / Nippy
Seven Speedy - nowy model
Sixteen / Eighteen - ost rok
Light 12/4 - ost rok
Light 12/6, 13.9 / 15.9 HP - ost rok
12/6 Sports, 13.9 / 15.9 HP
Twenty Ranelagh (long) (R6 cyl SV, 3400 cm³, 57 KM)
Twenty Whitehall (short) (R6 cyl SV, 3400 cm³, 57 KM) - ost rok. Powstało 99 szt.

October '33

Austin Seven Model B9 Saloon with sliding roof cost £128. This was one of the last "upright" Sevens. New models with sloping radiator cowl and modernized bodywork were introduced in July.
Austin Ten-Four Model GRA, had not changed much since its introduction in 1932. Detail improvements include a cross-braced frame, synchromesh on third and top gears, electric fuel gauge and trafficator switch on steering column. The 1125-cc (63.5 x 89 mm) engine produce 20 bhp (30 bhp in Sports model). Prices range from £158 to £215. There are six body styles to choose from, including an attractive Cabriolet at £178. In the autumn there was some styling changes, with the radiator surround in body colour and sloping slightly backwards. The Saloon model is now called the 'Lichfield' with its protruding boot which house the spare wheel. In September 1934 the following were now available: Colwyn Cabriolet - £178, Lichfield Saloon - £172, Lichfield Fixed Head Saloon - £158, Open Road Tourer - £152, Clifton 2-seater - £152, Ripley Sports Tourer - £215, 6-8 cwt Van - £148.
Austin Light Twelve Model HT, have four-cylinder side valve engine of 1535-cc (69.3 x 89 mm) capacity, rated at 11.9 HP. Gearbox is four-speed with synchromesh on third and top, wheelbase 8 ft 10 in, tyres 4.75-19. Tourer sold at £172 10s. Other body styles, selling at up to £218, are available.
Austin Twenty came in two versions, the Whitehall five-seater and the Ranelagh seven-seater. Wheelbase is 10 ft and 11 ft 4 in respectively, prices are £51 5 and £595. Both are powered by a 3-4-litre side-valve Six of 57.5 bhp, rated at 23.4 HP.

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Seven Saloon




Seven Ruby




10/4 Saloon

10/4 De Luxe Saloon

10/4 Tourer



Light 12 Tourer

12-6 Sports Saloon

12-6 Ascot Saloon

12-6 Greyhound Sports Saloon











Twenty Ranelagh







Austin Seven 746 cc (Charles Metchim Cecil H. Masters) at Le Mans.


  24h Le Mans 16.06.1934 Entrant: Result:
#54 Seven (746 cc) Metchim / Masters B. Metchim ret.