Austin 1933

Seven 65 / Nippy – nowy model
Sixteen / Eighteen – nowy model
Twenty Ranelagh (long) (R6 cyl SV, 3400 cm3, 57 KM)
Twenty Whitehall (short) (R6 cyl SV, 3400 cm3, 57 KM)
 Saloon de luxe
 Standard saloon
 Two seater
 Cabriolet – March
 Sports – August
Light 12/6, 13.9 / 15.9 HP
12/6 Sports, 13.9 / 15.9 HP – nowy model
Light 12/4 – nowy model 


Austin Ten-Four is powered by a 21-bhp 1125-cc (63.5 x 86 mm) side-valve Four engine, rated at 9.9 HP. Available with four body styles, priced from £148 to £168. In March 1933 the Cabriolet version was added at just £168. In August the sports car version came out using a smaller version of the l2-16 Sports tourer body at a cost of £215, but only four were made that year.
Light Twelve-Six is similar to the Twelve-Four. Both have 8 ft 10 in wheelbase and 4.75-19 tyres but engine capacity is 1496-cc (61.25 x 84.63 mm) for the Six and 1535-cc (69.3 x 101.6 mm) for the Four. Power output is the same, namely 24 bhp at 2400 rpm, but HP rating is 13.9 and 11.9 HP respectively. Saloon De Luxe prices are £218 and £198 respectively.
Twenty have 11 ft 4 in wheelbase chassis with side-valve Six engine of 3400-cc (79.5 x 114.5 mm) capacity, rated at 23.4 HP. The chassis cost £350 and could be supplied with Limousine or Landaulette bodywork in a price range from £498 up to £575.
Other contemporary Austin Sixes are the 1 ½-Litre Light Twelve and the 2.2-Litre Sixteen.



Austin Seven

Austin Seven

Seven Saloon and Ten-Four Tourer – October advert.






Austin 10-4

10-4 Sports Tourer, Model '34.


Light 12-6

12-6 Greyhound Saloon Model'34

Spare Wheel Container; Flush Fitting Sliding Roof; Sloping Floor; Enclosed Clutch Pit; Low Cross-braced Frame; Synchro-mesh Gearbox; Reverse-camber Rear Springs.



Austin 20 Limousine




Austin Taxicab








  24h Le Mans 17.06.1933 Entrant: Results:
#42 Seven (745 cc) Metchim / Masters ret.


Austin Seven (Charles Metchim / Cecil H. Masters) at 24h Le Mans.