Austin 1932

Great Britain

Seven – ost rok
Seven Ulster< – ost rok
Seven Swallow – ost rok
Seven – nowy model
10/4 – new model – April (no. produced this year)
 Fixed saloon (14)
 Sunshine saloon (1549)
 Saloon de luxe (19241)
 Standard saloon (667)
 Tourer (165)
 Two – seater (52)
 Van (313)
 Gordon (16)
 Cabriolet (4)
 Chassis (389)
Twelve - ost rok
Sixteen - ost rok
Twenty Ranelagh (long) (R6 cyl SV, 3400 cm³, 57 KM)
Twenty Whitehall (short) (R6 cyl SV, 3400 cm³, 57 KM) - nowy model
Light 12.6, 13.9 / 15.9 HP


Austin Ten-Four is a new addition to the Company's 1932 range, introduced in April. It is powered by an 1125-cc 9•99 HP side-valve four-cylinder engine which give a top speed of over 56 mph. The price of the new car initially available as a Saloon only was £168. A sunshine roof was an option soon after, but this was dropped in July when the Saloon de-luxe was announced with the sunshine as a standard. At the Motor Show in October 1932 other versions of the Ten were announced, a Standard Saloon at just £155, a four-door tourer and a two-seater tourer with dickey seat at £148.
By April 1932, the full Austin range consisted of Seven, Ten-Four, Twelve-Six, 12, 16 and 20 HP models, with a wide variety of body styles.




Austin Seven

Seven Swallow Saloon

Austin is supplying Seven two-seaters to the British Army who use them for scouting and similar purposes. 1929-32 models had a WD-design box back body; the front end sheet metal was like that of the contemporary civilian model. Initial equipment included 4.00-27 'knobbly' tyres. Shown is a 1931 /32 model.

Austin Seven



10-4 Saloon





12/6 Harley Saloon




16 Burnham Saloon


Entries and results:
  German GP 17.07.1932 Result:
No. Model Driver Entrant gen. class  
80 0.75 S-6 Marquis de Belleroche Marquis de Belleroche - 350-800 dnf
82 0.75 S-4 Walter Bäumer Wa. Bäumer - 350-800 dnf