Austin 1930

Great Britain

Seven (R4, 747,5cm³, 17bhp) – new model
 Coachbult Saloon
 Fabric Saloon
 Two Seater
Seven Ulster – new model
– new model
Sixteen (2249-cc, 36-bhp side-valve, wb- 9 ft 4 in) – new model
Twenty (R6 cyl SV, 3400 cm³, 57 KM) (od 1927)
 Ranelagh (long)

Austin Seven Saloon


Austin Seven wyposażony jest w rzędowy, dolnozaworowy silnik 4 cylindrowy o pojemności 747,5 cm³ i mocy 17 KM. Produkowany jest w różnych wersjach nadwoziowych, a także karosowany przez specjalistyczne firmy.

Austin Seven was first introduced in 1922 and is continued with periodic changes and improvements. The engine remained basically the same: four-cylinder side-valve, 747.5-cc (56 x 76 mm), RAC rating 7.8 HP.
Austin Twenty is one of the Company's most expensive models, selling at £530. Wheelbase is 11 ft 4 in (long). Chassis is also available with 10 ft 10 in wheelbase. Car is powered by a 3400-cc (79.5 x 114•5 mm) 49-bhq side-valve Six, rated at 23.5 HP.


October '30 advert.

October '29

Austin Seven Coupé have two seats and cost £140 (with sliding sunshine roof £5 extra). 'A dainty model that has made a very strong appeal to lady motorists', the sales catalogue claims.

Austin Seven Tourer Two-Seater sold at £130, including electric starting, lighting and horn, shock absorbers, air strangler, etc.

Austin Seven Ulster

Austin Seven Swallow Saloon, Coupé and Two Seater.
Austin/Swallow Saloon consist of the standard Austin Seven chassis with special bodywork produced by the Swallow Side Car St Coach Building Co. of Blackpool. Swallow special coachwork can be fitted also on other chassis, including Morris Cowley, Standard Big Nine, and Swift Ten.


May advert.








16 Burnham Sunshine Saloon


Austin 16 HP six-cylinder with new Open Road Five-Seater bodywork is offered at £325.


Austin Twenty Mayfair Saloon


Austin Twenty Ranelagh Enclosed Limousine, the Company's most expensive model, selling at £630 (£640 with sliding roof).

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26-29.01.1930 Rallye Monte Carlo 2 ? 0     ?