Classic Car Catalogue

Atlas 1950

wb: 1 cyl.
175 cm³
8,5 ch
175 cm Atlas


Revealed a year ago at the Paris Salon 1949, the cart of the Société Industrielle de Livry is slowly moving towards a production in small series. Named Coccinelle during its presentation, the little vehicle is now called only Atlas and gained a nickname 'Babycar'. It has not changed much since its birth but its designers still hesitates the engine: either an Ilo of 250 cc, or the AMC of 170 cc. To market this new microcar capable of transporting two people, SIL has reached an agreement with Duriez. By the end of 1950, ten Atlas are in the process of being manufactured and the series is expected to start in early 1951, when several modifications have been made to the prototypes. The initial models has a kick start, placed on the engine block. However, manufacturers are considering delivering an optional electric starter because the kick does not please female customers and it often causes problems in cold weather.

In its standard version, the Atlas has rounded seats that did not have the prototype on display at the Grand Palais.