Classic Car Catalogue

Atlas 1949

wb: 1 cyl.
170 cm³
7,3 ch
175 cm Coccinelle


The Coccinelle Atlas during its initial presentation at the Paris Salon 1949. This small roadster has a foldable windshield and a body made of sheet steel.
Société Industrielle de Livry, who launched The Atlas Coccinelle at the Paris Show, make it clear that it is not a real automobile but rather a four-wheeled motorcycle. The engine of the Atlas is the well-known AMC, already used by several manufacturers of light motorcycles and which, since the war, has achieved flattering results in the field of competition on two wheels. This single cylinder has a good power per liter but it is extremely noisy at all speeds and it generates very unpleasant vibrations. In addition, the transmission is made only on the left rear wheel, which eliminates the differential but affects the behavior of the Atlas on the road. During deceleration at high speed, the vehocle shows an unfortunate tendency to get of the road.