Aston Martin 1933

12/70 Le Mans
12/50 Standard - new model 

Aston-Martin 12/50 Saloon has a 1493-cc (69 x 99 mm) OHV four-cylinder 55-bhp engine, rated at 11.9 HP. Gearbox is four-speed and the chassis has a wheelbase of 9 ft 10 in and a track of 4 ft 4 in. Luxuriously equipped, the complete car costs £595.

Aston-Martin 12/70 Le Mans Two-seater sold at the same price as the Saloon, £595. The chassis is generally similar, with the main exceptions of a different cylinder head design, resulting in 70 bhp at 4750 rpm and 1 ft 4 in shorter wheelbase. Final drive ratio is 4.66:1 compared with 5.1:1 on the Saloon. Both has 5.25-18 tyres and 4 ft 4 in track.