Aston Martin 1931

Great Britain



International może mieć rozstaw osi 2590 lub 2990 mm co pozwala budować różne nadwozia.

Aston Martin International






  Le Mans 13.06.1931   Result:
No. Model Driver Entrant gen. class  
24 1½-Litre (1496 cc) Cook / Bezzant Aston Martin fail. -  
25 1½-Litre LM5 (1496 cc) Bertelli / Harvey Aston Martin 5th 1st - 1101-1500  
26  1½-Litre (1496 cc) Newsome / Peacock Aston Martin fail. -  


Aston Martin 2-Litre Sports is powered by a 1496-cc (69.3 x 99 mm) twin-carburettor OHC engine and has 8 ft 6 in wheelbase. This is one of the team cars of the 1931 racing season. Its sister cars finished first and second in the 1931 Double-Twelve Race at the famous Brooklands track.

The same car (chassis Nr. LM6, reg. HX 4323) finished 5th at 24h Le Mans (Augustus Cesare Bertelli / Maurice Harvey). 


Chassis Nr. LM6 / Reg. HX 4322 (Humphrey W. Cook / Jack Bezzant) at Le Mans. 


Chassis Nr. LM5 / Reg. HX 4321 (Sammy Newsome / Kenneth Peacock) at Le Mans.