ASA 1965

1000 GT Coupé
wb: 2200 mm R4 dohc
1032 cc
91 bhp


ASA 1000 Coupé

ASA 1000 Spider

Official competition began in 1965 with two cars entered in the Targa Florio, with 1070cc engines and one car with a fibreglass body. Other competitions that year saw the GTC reappear alongside more 1000GT Coupés. At the Paris Motorshow of 1965 the ASA 411 Berlinetta was revealed, being a 1000GT with an aluminium body, a 1092cc engine (104bhp @ 7,500rpm) and new headlights. Four examples were built.

ASA 411 Berlinetta


  Targa Florio entries: (09.05.1965)
# 158 1000 Pedretti / Babbini Sant'Ambroeus 23rd
# 162 1000 Pianta / Bassi Sant'Ambroeus 17th


Targa Florio

Targa Florio