Ariés 1936

Super 10/50 (4 cyl, 1977 cm³, 55 ch; wb: 3100 mm)
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Paris Motor Show

Aristocratic Aries are great cars made with great care, but they can not compete with the modern 11/12 CV series which quality progresses from year to year, and which cost significantly less. Wisely, Baron Petiet decided to give up car production in 1937 after finding that sales of its Super 10/50 had not reached fifty copies for two years. In its ultimate version exhibited at the Salon of 1936, Aries Super 10/50 features new venting on the sides of the hood grilles; this is the only difference from the previous year models. Three cars are on the Aries stand at this show: a sedan, a convertible 4 seats and coach bodywork by Antem.