Ariés 1933

9CV (1,5 l) - end of prod.
9/40 (4 cyl, 1628 cm, 40 ch) - Paris
  berline Luxe
  berline aerodynamique
  cabriolet 4 places
  roadster 4 places
  coach avec glaces de custode
  coach sans glaces de custode
  limousine 6 places


Since the beginning of the decade Baron Petiet cautiously concentrating its business activity on one type of vehicle, initially equipped with a 1.5-liter engine (69 x 100 mm) between 1930 and 1933, then 1.6 liter (72 x 100 mm) launched at this year Paris Motor Show. The Aries looks a little dated but they are unique in the extreme care of their quality that ensures their well-earned reputation of "high-class small cars."

Paris Motor Show

9/40 berline