American Motors Corporation

Spirit - new model


AMC for 1979

  The 1979 AMC model line-up reflects more than 75 years of experience in designing and manufacturing small cars. These cars meet today's needs for fuel-efficient vehicles, that offer outstanding interior room, comfort, ride and economy. They are, we believe, America's best value in automotive transportation.
  For 1979 American Motors introduces the all new sporty Spirit. As fresh and lively a little car as any that's ever taken to the highway. Sporty styling, loads of standard features and a smooth comfortable ride — that's the Spirit.   The Spirit DL Liftback and the top-of-the-line Spirit Limited Liftback offer levels of trim unheard of in today's small car scene. The AMC Spirit Sedan has all the economy features you'd expect in a practical small car — a family-sized car with a sensible balance of styling, performance, roominess and interior comfort. See for yourself. Let the Spirit move you today.
  For the high-performance minded driver there is the AMX. The only thing more exciting than its look is the way it acts. Check the long list of special features at your local dealer.
  Or choose the AMC Concord. Since its introduction last year, it has become an American success story. And for good reason. Concord's styling is refined and tastefully stated with clean elegant lines. The high level of standard features on the Concord DL and Concord Limited make it a truly well appointed automobile. Concord is available in both 2-door and 4-door Sedans, a sporty Hatchback and an affordable compact Wagon with plenty of room, a smooth quiet ride and excellent maneuverability.
  And again for 1979 American Motors is offering the proven Pacer. AMC Pacer is a very unique car. It's wide design translates into exceptional room, ride and comfort. Pacer is available as a Wagon or Hatchback, in both the DL and Limited model - with high levels of appointments and convenience.

  American Motors Corporation is a diversified, worldwide company - one of the 100 largest manufacturers in America. American Motors and subsidiary companies have a total of 22 plants in the U.S. and Canada, and 25 manufacturing and assembly plants and licensees worldwide. AMC employs more than 29,000 people.
  Passenger cars are the keystone for the company whose 1979 products reflect more than 75 years of small car development and innovation. Opportunities for growth come from many directions: The explosive 4-wheel-drive market, where the company's Jeep vehicles are world-renowned.
  The diverse market for such special vehicles as tactical trucks, U.S. postal service delivery vehicles, and equipment movers, in which American Motors AM General subsidiary is one of the world's major producers. Additionally, AMC and its subsidiaries manufacture lawn and garden tractors under the Wheel Horse name, and are important suppliers of engines and plastic parts to a host of other industries.
  All of these operations combine to give American Motors a wide, strong base for continued growth in the transportation industry.



    Liftback Sedan
R4 cyl. 121 std. std.
R6 cyl. 232 opt. opt.
R6 cyl. 258 opt. opt.
V8 cyl. 304 opt. -
 Base/DL/Limited Liftback  wb: 96 in.
 Base/DL/Limited Sedan wb: 96 in.



R6 cyl. 258  
V8 cyl. 304  
 DL/Limited Hatchback  wb: 100 in.
 DL/Limited Wagon wb: 100 in.



      Sedan Hatchback Wagon
R4 cyl. 121   std. std. -
R6 cyl. 232   opt. opt. std.
R6 cyl. 258   opt. opt. opt.
V8 cyl. 304   opt. opt. opt.
 Base/DL/Limited Sedan 2-dr  wb: 108 in.
 Base/DL/Limited Sedan 4-dr wb: 108 in.
 Base/DL/Limited Wagon wb: 108 in.
 Base/DL Hatchback wb: 108 in.



R6 cyl. 258  
V8 cyl. 304  
 AMX Hatchback  wb: 96 in.