American Motors Corporation

Hornet - end of prod.




R6 cyl. 232   std.
R6 cyl. 258   opt.
Hatchback  wb: 100 in.  
  Wagon wb: 100 in. - new model

  In 1975, AMC introduced the revolutionary Pacer Sedan. In 1977, we're proud to announce that the revolution isn't over—the all new Pacer Wagon is here!
  Like the Sedan, the Pacer Wagon is clean-lined, good-looking and extremely roomy. A yawning rear-hatch opens to 47.8 cu. ft. of cargo space with rear seat down.
  The new Pacer Wagon has all the features that made the Sedan a sudden success, too. A 100-inch wheelbase coupled with an extra-wide stance and isolated suspension system for solid roadability, easy handling and a smooth, quiet ride. A responsive proven 6-cylinder engine with a 22-gallon fuel tank for excellent performance and driving range. And the unique passenger door that's even wider than the driver's for quick and easy rear-seat access.
  The Pacer Wagon and Sedan are loaded with standard features. Make them even more comfortable and luxurious with options like Air Conditioning, D/L Package, AM/FM stereo radio, automatic speed control and many more!
  And on top of everything else, you get AMC's new BUYER PROTECTION PLAN II to protect all that value. Pacer Wagon and Pacer Sedan ... truly one-of-a-kind compacts.

AMC PACER £4,758
Right-hand drive models of this bulbous American "baby" have arrived, but the longer offside door for rear passengers to enter easily from the kerb is now on the wrong side. Equipment available includes automatic transmission, power steering, limited-slip differential, light alloy wheels; air conditioning. The front offers the space and comfort of full-sized American cars but rear seats are small and hard. There is now a station wagon too.

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R6 cyl. 232   std.
R6 cyl. 258   opt.
Sedan  wb: 96 in.

  Right from the start, Gremlin's unique styling and sporty individuality appealed to a wide range of drivers. For 1977, we've given Gremlin a fresh new look that's bound to make it even more appealing.
  There's a rich-looking new front end treatment and distinctive taillights that give Gremlin an exciting new look from bumper to bumper. But in spite of the good looks, practicality and value still get top billing.
  Gremlin has a new more expansive rear lift window for easier-than-ever loading. (The back seat folds down to provide a handy, roomy cargo space of nearly 27 cubic feet.) Front disc brakes. Parking brake warning light. Foam-cushioned seats in Rallye Perforated vinyl. Bright metal exterior moldings and much, much more. To add a distinctive flair to all this new Gremlin excitement, add the sporty X Package, one of dozens of options.
  Gremlin features an easy-handling 96-inch wheelbase, and a proven 6-cylinder engine with a 21-gallon fuel tank (for responsive performance and long driving range).
  And to protect Gremlin value, there's the new BUYER PROTECTION PLAN II, an AMC "standard" that other cars don't even offer as an option!



R6 cyl. 232   std.
R6 cyl. 258   opt.
V8 cyl. 304   opt.
Sedan 2-dr  wb: 108 in.  
  Sedan 4-dr wb: 108 in.  
  Wagon wb: 108 in.  
  Coupe wb: 108 in.  
  AMX wb: 108 in. - new model

  For most people who need wagons—Hornet Wagon is really all they need. It's roomy, seating five or carrying two plus 62.8 cubic feet of cargo. It's convenient, with four doors and a rear liftgate. It's easy to maneuver, with a turning diameter of just 38½ feet. And it has standard features like color-keyed carpeting (even in the cargo area).
  Or maybe the Hornet Hatchback is more your style—specially in the sporty AMX. Either way, you get a lot of usable space along with the style. Open the big "third door," flip down the rear seat and you have 30½ cubic feet of cargo room. In addition to all you can see, AMX comes on strong with a floor shift, console, sporty gauges, soft feel sports steering wheel, and more.
  For outstanding value, the Hornet Sedans (2- or 4-door) rate your consideration. Here's a combination of riding comfort, handling ease and solid, thorough quality.
  All Hornet models feature an easy-to-handle 108-inch wheelbase, and a selection of engine/transmission combinations to suit any need. And, of course, adding to the value of every new Hornet is AMC's new, Buyer Protection Plan II.



      Sedan Coupe Wagon
R6 cyl. 258   std. std. -
V8 cyl. 304   opt. opt. std.
V8 cyl. 360   opt. opt. opt.
Sedan  wb: 118 in.
  Wagon wb: 118 in.
  Coupe wb: 114 in.

  There are three ways to get more style, big-car comfort and luxury, and greater value in the mid-size field. Matador Coupe on a 114-inch wheelbase, Matador 4-Door Sedan and Wagon on a 118-inch wheelbase.
  Matador style speaks for itself. Equally impressive are the room and comfort which rival cars costing a good deal more. For example, the Coupe and Sedan have over 14- and 19-cubic feet of trunk space, respectively, and both have a big 24½-gallon fuel tank. (21 on Wagon.) Yet for all this size, their trim overall dimensions make them easy to handle and park.
  The Matador Wagon has the most all-around room of any wagon in its class. That translates into stretch-out room for five, a cargo space of more than 95 cubic feet with the rear seat down. And the dual-swing tailgate converts from tailgate to door for your convenience.
  Power steering, power front disc brakes, automatic transmission, 304 V-8 in the Wagon, 258 Six in the Coupe and Sedan, individual reclining seats, custom steering wheel, wheel covers, and a lot more—all came standard. Plus that great exclusive "standard," AMC's new Buyer Protection Plan II.

Although American Motors have decided to wind up their English subsidiary, sales and spares supplies continue. They offer American cars adapted to European tastes in road holding and steering. The Matador Estate can carry up to nine people. There are also saloon and coupe models which can have 4.2-litre six-cylinder engines and the Jeep Wagoneer which has permanent four-wheel drive like a Range Rover.

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The theme of Concept I blends styling and function in an attractive smaller, energy-saving car. Its wedge design embodies a spacious interior for three-across front and rear seating; slim pillars; all-around visibility; thin, yet solid doors, and reduced metal overhang.

While dimensionally similar to the wedge-design Concept I, the Concept II advances the look of the 80's another stage - obsoleting the current square-box look. Interior dimensions remain generous. Visitility is improved by a short hood, fast windshield and expanded glass area. The centeer structural roll band adds strength to the roof area and unifies the lower and upper body sections. Concept II also has integral soft bumpers and headlamps concealed by flush sliding panels.

Designed as a four-passenger sports hatchback, the Grand Touring is a statement of prestige car excellence. Its luxurious interior of leather and cord-texture bucket seats is set off by deep-pile carpeting throughout. Opera-style recessed quarter windows, genuine wire wheels, and rally-type road lights within the Venturi grille contribute to the theme of elegance and performance.

Concept AM/Van, which reaches for a new level of fun and function, is an attractive, go-anywhere vehicle that opens new recreational possibilities for van fans, especially if four-wheel drive equipped. Surprisingly, the AM/Van is two inches shorter than the VW Beetle. Its super-wide tires with Vector wheels, clamshell rear doors, porthole panels and Candy Apple finish serve the continuing interest in individuality.

A new form for an electric-powered vehicle takes shape in Concept Electron, a three-passenger commuter car designed for short-trip urban transportation. Based on previous development of the AMC Amitron, a vehicle powered by a lightweight lithium battery system, the Electron anticipates further advances in electronic technology in the 1980's. The Electron's wheelbase is 60 inches. It is 85 inches long, 69-1/2 inches wide and 46 inches high. The clamshell-style roof swings back on rear-mounted pivots for entry and egress.