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R6 cyl. 232 (3.8 l)   std.
  R6 cyl. 258 (4.2 l)   opt.
  R6 cyl. 258 (4.2 l)   opt.
7667-7  Hatchback  wb: 100 in. (2.54 m)

  Because of its unique construction and advanced styling, Pacer combines advantages never found before in a car with a 2.45m (100 in.) wheelbase.
  Interior room, for example. Enough for four adults—in comfort—with greater headroom and rear seat legroom than many larger cars. There is substantial room—0.826 m³ (29.5 ft³) with rear seat folded down.
  And the ride! Outstanding smoothness and stability are a result of the extra wide tread and isolated front and rear suspensions. Pacer is designed in a new and stronger manner with a roll-bar type center pillar. Truly a precision driving machine with rack and pinion steering, and the availability of front disc brakes, combining to create an almost magnetic attraction to the road.
  For greater passenger convenience, the curb-side door is 9.1 cm (3.6 in.) wider than the driver's door allowing for easier entry and exit.
  Vision unlimited ... The almost unrestricted visibility from any seating position inside the Pacer is so unconventional that a new dimension in driving, parking, and safe operation is introduced. Pacer's unobstructed angles of vision exceed that of the best-selling large prestige cars.
  Pacer is powered by thrifty and dependable AMC Sixes that can go 48,000 km (30,000 miles) between major tune-ups. A 3.8 liter (232 CID) Six is standard; a 4.2 liter (258 CID) engine is available as an option with single or two-barrel carburetor for additional performance. Choice of transmission includes a standard column-mounted 3-speed manual, optional 3-speed floor mounted and Torque-Command automatic.
  Pacer looks different because it is different. Drive it.



R6 cyl. 232 (3.8 l)   std.
  R6 cyl. 258 (4.2 l)   opt.
  V8 cyl. 304 (5.0 l)   opt.
7646-3  Sedan  wb: 96 in. (2.44 m)
7646-5 Sedan Custom wb: 96 in. (2.44 m)

  Gremlin is well on its way to becoming a modern automotive classic. Instantly recognizable ... and now more distinctive than ever with a new grille and squared framed headlamps. High quality and lively, economical performance are accepted facts. Gremlin does everything it is designed to do—exceptionally well.
  Four passengers ride comfortably on a 2.44 m (96") wheelbase. In combination with precision steering and suspension this means sure handling, easy parking and a stable, solid ride. Ample luggage and cargo space is easily accessible through the rear window liftgate. New optional front disc and larger rear drum brakes insure positive smooth stops.
  Interior trims are available in various colors. Trim and tailoring reflect a level of quality found in all American Motors products.
  New interior options offered include a center console with locking storage for bucket seat models and a snap-down, vinyl tonneau cover for the area behind the folding rear seat. The youthful "Levi's"® interior is a popular and exclusive option to American Motors.
  Mechanical highlights include a new electrical choke for six cylinder engines, electronic ignition—and as options, fuel saving overdrive (six cylinder models) and a new economy-ratio rear axle with automatic transmission.
  Power train choices are a standard 3.8 liter (232 CID) Six with 3-speed, floor-mounted manual transmission; optional engines include either 4.2 liter (258 CID) Six or 5 liter (304 CID) V-8. Optional floor- or column-mounted Torque-Command automatic transmission is also available. All engines are able to go 48,000 km (30,000 miles) between major tune-ups and will operate economically on regular, low-lead, or no-lead fuel.
  For Gremlin at its sportiest, consider the "X" package, forged aluminum wheels, or vinyl roof.



R6 cyl. 232 (3.8 l)   std
  R6 cyl. 258 (4.2 l)   opt.
  V8 cyl. 304 (5.0 l)   opt.
7605-7  Sedan 4-Door  wb: 108 in. (2.84 m)
7607-7 Sedan 2-Door wb: 108 in. (2.84 m)
7608-7 Wagon 4-Door wb: 108 in. (2.84 m)
7603-7 Hatchback 2-Door wb: 108 in. (2.84 m)

  Value is the word for Hornet. A wealth of features and a range of models make it an ideal choice.
  For the family, there are 2-door and 4-door Sedans—roomy, comfortable, gracious. The Hatchback is both sporty and a practical worker, while Sportabout combines the best of both the sedan and wagon worlds.
  A smooth and stable luxury ride is offered on a 2.74 m (108") wheelbase. Quality vinyl and fabric upholstery covers deep foam seat padding in all models. There's cut-pile nylon carpeting, a locking glove box, full-width package tray, cigarette lighter and a lot more. A new center console is available on the Hatchback.
  The Sportabout carries five adults in a sedan-like atmosphere. With the second seat folded down, a roomy 1.58 m³ (56.4 ft³) of cargo space is available. The optional D/L or "X" interior/exterior packages add such elegant and practical advantages as individually reclining seats and a roof rack. To emphasize the station wagon aspect of Sportabout, you can select woodgrain side and rear panels. The Hornet Hatchback also has a dual work-and-play personality with 855 liters (30.5 cubic feet) of load space with rear seat down. Make it even more interesting with the sporty "X" package with optional forged aluminum wheels.
  Standard engine is a 3.8 liter (232 CID) Six with an optional 4.2 liter Six or 5 liter (304 CID) V-8. All engines are capable of going 48,000 km (30,000 miles) between tune-ups. Overdrive is optional with the standard manual transmission and six cylinder engines. Torque-Command automatic transmission is optional with all engines. A floor-mounted gear selector for standard transmission and Torque-Command can be supplied on the Hatchback.
  Engines feature electronic ignition and the Sixes have a new electric choke. All fuel grades are suitable—regular, low-lead, or no-lead. Pick the Hornet model that matches your needs. You can count on an exceptional value and a bonus of economical, trouble-free performance.

Hornet Sportabout

Hornet 4-Door Sedan

Hornet Hatchback

Hornet Sportabout D/L



          Coupe Sedan Wagon
R6 cyl. 258 (4.2 l)   std. std. -
  V8 cyl. 304 (5.0 l)   opt. opt. std.
  V8 cyl. 360 (5.9 l)   opt. opt. opt.
  V8 cyl. 360 (5.9 l)   opt. opt. opt.
7616-7  Coupe  wb: 114 in. (2.9 m)
7685-7 Sedan wb: 118 in. (3.0 m)
7688-7 Wagon wb: 118 in. (3.0 m)

  Three models invite your inspection: Coupe, 4-door Sedan and 4-door Wagon. Clearly, these are American Motors' finest. They look the part and the high level of trim and appointments confirms this impression.
  The 4-door model's ride is superb on a 3.0 m (118") wheelbase—longest in the American intermediate class. The Coupe's wheelbase is an easy-to-maneuver 2.89 m (114"). Coil spring suspension on all four wheels further cushions passengers from road harshness. Operating economy, is outstanding for a car of Matador's size. The Coupe's smooth, low-flowing lines are set off by a new horizontal motif grille. Already luxurious, a still higher degree of distinction is available with the Brougham Package.
  A new Barcelona Package with a deluxe interior treatment in black or tan and exclusive identification is offered for the Brougham Coupe.
  4-door models are ideal family cars with abundant room and a strong emphasis on comfort and convenience. An excellent combination of passenger car and cargo carrier, the Matador Wagon comes in two and three seat models. All popular options are available for all models.
  The Matador Sedan and Coupe standard engine is a 4.2 liter (258 CID) Six with column-mounted 3-speed manual transmission. A 5 liter (304 CID) V-8 is standard in the Matador Wagon; and a 5.9 liter (360 CID) V-8 (2- or 4-barrel carburetors) is optional. Column-mounted Torque-Command automatic transmission is optional. A floor-mounted gear selector is also offered for the Coupe. All engines feature electronic ignition and are thoroughly proven for dependable, efficient operation with regular, low-lead or no-lead fuel.
  You can pay far more, but you can't buy better than Matador ... American Motors' great luxury value.

Matador Coupe

Matador Brougham Wagon