Alpine-Renault 1976




For 1976 the two 1.6 litre engines in the A-110 have been replaced with one less powerful unit that came from the Renault R16 TX. Not such a performer but easier to drive in city traffic. The same engine found its way under the bonnet of the A-310, making this version more affordable.
Since the salon in Paris in October the A-110 becomes available as the 1600 SX only. The 1977 model can be distinguished by not having air intakes under the headlight and new wheels.



wb: 2100 mm 4cyl.
1289 cm³
72 ch (DIN)
– end
1674 cm³
95 ch (DIN)
berlinette 1300 1600 SX


1600 SX model '77

1600 SX model '77



wb: 2270 mm 4cyl., inj.
1605 cm³
127 ch (DIN)
– end
1647 cm³
95 ch (DIN)
2664 cm³
150 ch (DIN)
– October
coupé 2+2      


A-310 injection model '76 at the Paris Motor Show in October last year.

The new A-310 V6 at the Paris show this year.





2nd Acropolis Rally A110 1800 'Siroco'
3rd Tour de Corse A310 V6 Manzagol

2nd Trofeo Filippo Caracciolo #1 Pescarolo-Jarier A442 Turbo
2nd ACF 500 km of Dijon #4 Laffite-Depailler A442 Turbo
3rd ACF 500 km of Dijon  #2 Jabouille-Jarier A442 Turbo
2nd World Championship for Sports Cars


  Targa Florio 15.05.1976 Entrant: Results:
# gen. class
55 A-110 Di Caro/"Moon" dnf -
58 A-110 Fatta/Spinnato 32nd
66 A-110 Rubino/Ivan 34th 3rd GT 1.6
73 A-110 "Flash"/Barbagallo 10th 1st GT 1.6
77 A-110 Rombolotti/Rampino dnf -
79 A-110 Casiglia/Lo Jacono 46th 9th GT 1.3
24h Le Mans 13.06.1976 Entrant: Results:
# gen. class
19 A 442 Jabouille/Tambay/Dolhem Renault ret. - -

Alpine A 442, engine: Renault 1997 cm³ (Jean-Pierre Jabouille / Patrick Tambay / José Dolhem) by Renault Sport at 24h Le Mans.

A 110 (O.Rubino - Ivan) at Targa Florio.