Alpine 1956

  wb: 2100 mm 4cyl.
747 cm³
21 ch
747 cm³
30 ch
747 cm³
40/42 ch
A-106 coach 2-dr 1062 1062-S 1063
Mille Miles
A-106 cabriolet       – prototype

Very successful in sport and on the market Alpine with plastic body designed by Michelotti is based on the Renault 4CV. The cheapest version costs 830.000 F. The most powerful model Mille Miles can be fitted with five-speed gearbox and costs around 1.097.000 Francs depending on the specification.
At the Paris Motor Show in October the coupé which, in France is called coach, received larger windscreen. The greatest news however was a new convertible by Chappe & Gessalin exhibited on the Alpine stand. With the price of 989.900 francs it will be a very competitive offering by this young company.

Renault Alpine convertible with restrained tail fins above the rear mudguards, and a detachable hard top designed by Cappe & Gessalin. It has a 4 c.v. engine increased to Dauphine capacity.
(Paris report, October '56)

Alpine cabriolet by Chappe & Gessalin at the Paris Motor Show.

Alpine coach model '57




Driving the A-106 Michy won its class at Mille Miglia with a record breaking average speed of 109,519 km/h.