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Allard 1953

Great Britain

Clipper – nowy model
K 3
P 2 Monte Carlo
Palm Beach
M 2 X – ost rok 

Palm Beach


K 3



Allard poszedł w ślady swego konkurenta - AC i zaprezentował własny trójkołowiec ze zgrabnym, sportowym nadwoziem mieszczącym 2-3 osoby lub 2 osoby dorosłe i 2 dzieci. Napędza go dwusuwowy silnik Villers o pojemności 346 cm³ i mocy 8 KM. Jest nieco droższy od AC - kosztuje 267 funtów.

Allard Palm Beach Tourer, an Open three-seater sports model available with either a Ford Consul 1508-cc Four (Type 21 C) or a Ford Zephyr 2622-cc Six (Type 21 Z) power unit. Fitted with fully-enveloping bodywork, this model is something entirely new for the Allard company which had, since its inception, favoured powerful V8 engines for their high-performance cars. Wheelbase is 96 in and weight (dry) is 1800 lb (21 C) or 1900 lb (21 Z). Allard K3 Tourer is fitted with Ford V8 3622-cc 95-bhp power unit as standard, but also available with Lincoln, Cadillac or Chrysler V8 engine at customers' request. This full-width bodied grand tourer was launched-mainly for export-in October 1952, replacing the 1950-52 Model K2.


J 2 X




JR Cadillac V8 5428 cc      


1st 1000 Lakes Rally     Hietanen
World Sportscar Championship entries:      
Sebring 12 Hours 08.03.1953 Results:
#   engine:   Entrant: gen. class  
32 J2 Cadillac V8 6600 cc Stubbs / McAfee Burkhard 24th S8.0    
36 J2X Chrysler V8 5428 cc Gregory / Newcomer Gregory fail. S8.0 -  
51 J2 Oldsmobile V8 4982 cc Gray / Duncan Gray 30th S5.0    
62 J2 Cadillac 5400 cc Harris / Smalley Harris dns S8.0 -  
66 J2X Cadillac V8 4100 cc Cummings / Ramos Ramos fail. S5.0 -  
97 J2 Cadillac V8 5441 cc Clarke / Said Deitsch fail. S8.0 -  
98 J2 Cadillac V8 5442 cc Goldschmidt / O'Shea Goldschmidt dns S8.0 -  
  24h Le Mans 13.06.1953 Entrant: Results: Perf.
#   chassis #     gen. class
4 JR JRX3402 Allard / Fotheringham-Parker Allard fail.   - -
5 JR JRX3403 Arkus-Duntov / Merrick Allard fail.   - -



Le Mans.