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Allard 1952

Great Britain

K 2 – ost rok
P 1 – ost rok, powstało 559 szt.
J 2 – ost. rok, powstało 90 szt.
J 2 X – nowy model
K 3 – October
P 2 Monte Carlo – nowy model
M 2 X
Palm Beach – nowy model
Safari – nowy model

J 2

K 2


Następca J 2 - J 2 X na nową ramę rurową i tylne zawieszenie z drążkiem Panharda.

Allard M2X Drophead Coupé was introduced in November 1951, and based on the P1 Saloon (introduced 1949) but with an 'A'-shaped radiator grille and floor-mounted gear-change. This model-powered by a Ford V8 3.6-litre engine is very much in the Allard tradition. A modified version of the J2 called the J2X was also announced for 1952. The 'X' indicated that in the front suspension arrangement the radius arms is ahead of the front axle.
P2 Safari have new more attractive body style, and stiffer space frame chassis. Body is alloy panels on ash frame, and entire front end hinged up for engine and spare wheel access. Grille design is "A" shaped as on M2X. Engine options as before, and right hand floor shift, but extra weight makes larger engine advisable. Top speed 85-90 depending on spec.
Safari is huge estate car with exposed wood and three rows of seats.


P 1

P 2




Palm Beach


Safari Estate Car








24h Le Mans 14.06.1952 Entrant: Results:
        gen. class perf.ind.
#4 J 2X Allard / Fairman S.H. Allard fail. - -
#5 J 2X Curtis / Arkus-Duntov   fail. - -
1st RMC   P 1 Saloon Allard / Warburton
1st R.A.C.     Imhof


Start do wyścigu na torze Goodwood.

Le Mans.


J 2 X