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Allard 1951

Great Britain

K 2
P 1
M 2 X – nowy model
J 2

P 1 Saloon

K 2 Sports

Ponieważ import amerykańskich silników do Wielkiej Brytanii jest kłopotliwy i kosztowny, Allard wysyła do USA kompletne samochody, ale bez jednostek napędowych. Tam klienci wybierają je indywidualne.

M2X made 1951-1953, is drop head Coupé version of P1, which has floor shift, coil spring ifs and different grille with wide cross bar.

Allard K2 Sports Two-seater, introduced in 1950, replaced the 1946-50 Model K1 . Although mechanically similar to its predecessor-including Ford V8 3•6-litre 95-bhp engine, three-speed gearbox, 8 ft 10 in wheelbase-it had various modifications such as coil spring front suspension, a proper luggage boot and a shallower radiator grille, and was more fully equipped. A two-door Saloon (P1 ) and two-seater Sports Roadster (J2) were also available. The J2 was superseded by the modified J2X in the autumn of 1951.

M 2 X

J 2


J 2 X






  24h Le Mans (23.06.1951) Entrant Results:
      gen. class perf.ind.
#1 J2 Allard / Cole Allard fail. - -
#2 J2 Hitchings / Reece Allard fail. - -


Start do 24 godzinnego wyścigu Le Mans.

Le Mans.


J 2 X