Allard 1954

Great Britain

P 2 Monte Carlo
Palm Beach
K 3 – end of prod.
Clipper (346 cm³ ) 

Monte Carlo

Palm Beach

K 3



Allard Coachbuilt Saloon, a one-off two-door streamlined aluminium-panelled model built by E. D. Abbott of Farnham on the Palm Beach chassis. It featured a curved windscreen, and headlamps and sidelamps mounted within a wide front air-intake.


Allard Clipper

F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
1000 km Buenos Aires 24.01.1954 (round 1) Results:
# chassis Entrant: gen. class
4 J2X Cadillac Bruno / Bruno dnf S+3.0 -
6 J2X Cadillac #3146 Shelby / Duncan Roy Cherryhomes 10th S+3.0 4th
Sebring 12 Hours 07.03.1954 (round 2) Results:
# chassis # Entrant: gen. class
2 J2 Oldsmobile Gray / Hall Walter S. Gray 16th S8.0 1st
98 JR Cadillac JRX 3401 Goldschmidt / Rocco A.E.Goldschmidt ret. S8.0 -