Alfa Romeo 1975

Giulia Super
GT Junior
Junior Z
Alfetta GT
2000 GT Veloce





Alfasud  1186 cm³ 63 cv Berlina 4-dr wb: 2455 mm
Alfasud L 1186 cm³ 63 cv Berlina 4-dr wb: 2455 mm - January
Alfasud TI  1186 cm³ 68 cv Berlina 2-dr wb: 2455 mm
Giardinietta 1186 cm³ 63 cv Station wagon 3-dr wb: 2455 mm - new model


The SE was replaced by the Alfasud L (Lusso) model introduced at the Bruxelles Motor Show in January. Recognizable by its bumper overriders and chrome strips on the door sills and on the tail, the Lusso is better appointed than the standard Alfasud (now known as "normale"), with such features as cloth upholstery, headrests, padded dashboard with glove compartment and optional tachometer.
A three-door estate model called the Alfasud Giardinetta was introduced in May. It has the same equipment of the Alfasud "L".

Alfasud ti

Alfasud Giardinietta

After the four-door family saloon with the eager Alfa character comes a two-door sports saloon. Spoilers at front and rear improve airflow and road grip; there are four headlamps and special wheel trim. New camshaft and twin-choke carburetter boost the power of the flat four engine and the gearbox has five speeds. The special interior includes extra instruments, reclining seats with head restraints.
ALFASUD ESTATE Price to be announced
Latest Alfasud is the useful and economical three-door estate, powered by the same type of flat-four engine as the saloon model. The new car is only 393.5 cm long, yet with folding rear seat has maximum internal dimensions of 135 x 82 x 137.5 cm (width x height x depth). With rear seat erect the Alfasud estate becomes a five-seater. Like the four-door saloon and two-door 'TI' models, the Estate has front-wheel drive, and the new-type cylinder-heads provide more low and medium-speed power. Claimed fuel consumption is 33 mpg at 60 mph.

London show review

Samochody o tej nazwie produkowane są we Włoszech od prawie 4 lat. Do tej pory wprowadzono na linie montażowe limuzynę dwudrzwiową i czterodrzwiową w różnych wersjach wykonania, z silnikiem o mocy 63 KM lub 68 KM. Przypomnijmy, że Alfa Sud napędzana jest silnikiem czterocylindrowym o przeciwsobnym układzie cylindrów. Do tego należy jeszcze dodać rozwiązanie dla firmy z Mediolanu całkowicie nowe - przedni napęd. Dziś prezentujemy Alfę Sud w wersji kombi trójdrzwiowego zwanej Giardinetta. Wchodzi ona do produkcji w obecnej chwili, za parę miesięcy znajdzie się i na rynkach eksportowych.

Motor '75

Alfasud L in Brussels.

Alfasud L


Giulia Nuova Super

Super 1.3 4 cyl., 1290 cm³ 89 cv
Super 1.6 4 cyl., 1570 cm³ 102 cv
Berlina   wb: 2510 mm



1.8  4 cyl., 1779 cm³ 122 cv
1.6 4 cyl., 1570 cm³ 109 cv - Brussels
Berlina wb: 2510 mm

At the Brussels Motor Show Alfa Romeo introduced the 1,594 cc Alfetta 1.6 base model, easily recognizable by its single, larger round front headlights. Meanwhile, the 1.8-litre Alfetta was rebadged Alfetta 1.8 and a few months later mildly restyled, further set apart from the 1.6 by a new grille with a wider central shield and horizontal chrome bars. Engines in both models are Alfa Romeo Twin Cams, with two overhead camshafts, 8-valves and two double-barrel carburettors.

Alfetta 1.6 at Brussels Motor Show

ALFETTA 1.6 £2,948
The famous Italian manufacturer's smaller-capacity version of the lively four-door saloon has a 1573 cc twin overhead camshaft engine instead of the 1.8-litre motor which powers the normal Alfetta. Only external difference is the two-headlight equipment instead of the four lamps that distinguish the 1.8-litre models which stay in production. The 1.6 Alfetta is available with cloth or PVC trim, and has the five-speed gearbox mounted at the rear on the de Dion rear axle. The layout results in a balanced weight distribution and fine handling.

London show review

Alfetta Rallye (4 cyl., 1,8 l., 140 cv)

Alfetta 1.8 with the new front.



2000  4 cyl., 1962 cm³ 130 cv
Berlina wb: 2570 mm



2000 GT Veloce 105.21 4 cyl., 1962 cm³ 132 ch
1.6 GT Junior 4 cyl., 1570 cm³
1.3 GT Junior 4 cyl., 1290 cm³
Coupé   wb: 2350 mm

2000 GTV

GT Junior


1600 Junior Z

1600 Junior Z 115.24 4 cyl., 1570 cm³ 109 cv
Coupé Zagato  wb: 2250 mm



1300 Junior   4 cyl., 1290 cm³, 89 cv
1600 Junior 4 cyl., 1570 cm³, 110 cv
2000 Veloce 4 cyl., 1962 cm³, 132 cv
    Roadster   wb: 2250 mm

US spec.


Alfetta GT

GT   4 cyl., 1779 cm³, 122 cv
Coupé wb: 2400 mm

ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA GT £3,000 approx.
Alfa Romeos are designed by engineers who understand about fast motoring, so the height of the driving seat and the height of the steering wheel are adjustable. The tachometer is in a separate housing right in front of the driver and the gearbox has five speeds to ensure economical fast cruising. Clutch, gearbox and differential are grouped at the rear to give optimum weight distribution for quick cornering.

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Montreal  V8 cyl., 90°, 2593 cm³ 200 cv
Coupé  wb: 2350 mm

Now available with right-hand drive, the top Alfa has a coupe body by Bertone based on a dream car built for exhibition purposes. Its V8 engine is in light alloy with twin overhead camshafts to each bank of cylinders and indirect fuel injection. Transmission is through a five-speed gearbox and limited-slip differential. Brakes are ventilated discs with twin circuits, servo and pressure limiting valve.

London show review




3rd Tour de Corse   Alfetta GT Andruet
1st Targa Florio #1 33TT12 Vaccarella / Merzario


  Targa Florio 20.07.1975 Entrant: Results:
#     gen. class  
1 33 TT12 Vaccarella / Merzario Autodelta 1st 1st S 3.0
2 33 TT12 Casoni / Dini Autodelta ret. -
77 Giulia GTA Balocca / Premoli dnf -
78 Giulia GTA Bellomare / Centonze dnf -
92 Giulia GTA Russo / "Godolphin" dnf -
109 2000 GTV Pucci / Vigneri 19th
113 2000 GTV Picciurro / Ayala Ateneo dnf -
114 2000 GTV Cambiaghi / Pittoni 15th
115 2000 GTV Donato / Pietro 14th
116 2000 GTV Sapienza / Di Maria dns -
118 2000 GTV Di Gregorio / Barone 29th
119 2000 GTV Di Peri / Montalto dnf -
121 2000 GTV Cioffi / Poloni dnf -
123 2000 GTV La Porta / Costa 27th
128 Giulia GTA dns -
134 2000 GTV Giorlando / Montalto 34th

Targa Florio winner: 33 TT12 (Nino Vaccarella - Arturo Merzario)

Alfetta GT 2 valvole, Svizzero / Masetto, 4° Rallye internazionale di Sicilia.

GTV 2000 (Pietro Picciurro - Giuseppe Ayala) at Targa Florio.