Alfa Romeo 1960

Dauphine - nowy model (lic. Renault)
Giulietta Sprint
Giulietta SS
Giulietta Zagato
Giulietta Spider
2000 sedan 2000
2000 (modele sportowe)
2000 Spider Touring
2000 Sprint - nowy model - Turyn
2000 Coupé Praho - Turyn - prototype by Touring
Giulia 900 - prototyp
103 - prototyp

2000 Sprint zostal zaprojektowany w studio Bertone.
Koniec produkcji kombi Promiscula.

For the ordinary Italian motorist the most exciting thing at the Turin Show was the price war which developed as Fiat and Alfa Romeo reacted to the challenge of the Austin A40 (assembled in Italy by Innocenti, makers of the Lambretta Scooter) by slashing the prices of the Fiat 1100 and the Italian-assembled Renault Dauphine.
Turin report


Giulietta s.II
Giulietta TI s.II

Giulietta s.II

Giulietta - sports models

Sprint s.III
Sprint Veloce s.II (10106)
Sprint Speciale Bertone
SZ Zagato (10126)
Spider s.II Pinin Farina
Spider Veloce s.II Pinin Farina

Giulietta Sprint s.III

Giulietta SS Bertone

Giulietta SS


Giulietta Spider Veloce 1300

Giulietta Sprint Zagato

Giulietta Sprint Zagato




2000 Spider

Spider Touring

2000 Spider

2000 Spider Touring

2000 Sprint

Sprint Bertone - Turin

2000 Sprint at Turin Motor Show

2000 Sprint Bertone



Alfa Romeo Dauphine is built in Italy under French Renault licence. It was launched by the end of last year.


2000 Coupé Praho by Touring
Giulia 900

Zwycięstwo (De Lageneste/ Greder) w Rajdzie Alpejskim (Giulietta).