Alfa Romeo 1956

Giulietta s.I (1290 cm³, 53 KM)
Giulietta Sprint
Giulietta Sprint s.I (1290 cm³, 65 KM)
Giulietta Sprint Veloce s.I (750E) - nowy model
Giulietta Spider - nowy model
Giulietta Spider s.I
Giulietta Spider Veloce s.I
1900 sedan
1900 Super
1900 TI Super
1900 Primavera
1900 SS Touring ‘56 - nowy model
1900 SS Coupé
1900 SS cabriolet



Stylizowana przez studio Pinin Farina Giulietta Spider ma mniejszy o 50 milimetrów rozstaw osi niż Sprint. Sprint Veloce ma silnik o mocy zwiększonej do 90 KM, dzięki zastosowaniu innych gaźników, wałków rozrządu i zwiększeniu stopnia sprężania. W nadwoziu zastosowano aluminiowe drzwi, pokrywy i błotniki oraz pleksiglasowe szyby boczne i tylną.


(1290 cm³, 53 KM)



Giulietta Sprint

Sprint (1290 cm³, 65 KM)
Veloce (1290 cm³, 115 KM) - new model

Using the same basic two-door body, Alfa also introduced an alternative high speed model to the Giulietta Sprint, to be known as the Veloce. Two twin-choke Webers help to increase the output to 115 b.h.p. at 5,000 r.p.m. and the claimed maximum speed is a shade under 120 m.p.h. It has the same five-speed gear box as on the Sportiva, with floor mounted lever.
(Turin report)

Giulietta Sprint

Giulietta Sprint

Giulietta Sprint Veloce


Giulietta Spider

Giulietta Spider




Berlina (wb. 2630 mm)
1900 Super (4 cyl, 1975 cm³, 90 KM)
1900 Primavera (4 cyl, 1975 cm³, 90 KM)
1900 TI Super (4 cyl, 1975 cm³, 115 KM)

The second series of the 1900 Super is introduced with two-tone colour treatment and chrome-plated strips on the body sides-another tendency, yet restrained, which is creeping into Italian styling.
(Turin report)

1900 Berlina



1900 C

Coupé, Cabriolet (wb. 2500 mm)
1900 CS (4 cyl, 1975 cm³, 115 KM)
1900 CSS (4 cyl, 1975 cm³, 125 KM)

1900 C SS

1900 SS Zagato

1900 SS Zagato

1900 Super Sprint Zagato (automobiles classiques 93-101)

Displayed in true Italian red is Alfa Romeo's new Bertone-bodied Sportiva Coupé, with new chassis and four-cylinder 1,975 c.c. engine. It has an increased rating of 135 b.h.p. at 5,500 r.p.m. The claimed speed is 130 m.p.h., which the shape and specification suggest is not an impossible figure. Two twin-choke horizontal Weber carburettors are used to obtain the increased power output. A steeply falling bonnet line is matched by the raked and wrapped-round screen, which permits first-class vision to match the performance. The two seats are placed low between the propeller-shaft tunnel and the frame side members, and are noteworthy for their hammock-type cushions which provide really firm support where it is needed. The new box-section frame (with similar cross-members) is part space-type construction at the rear, to accommodate the top anchorages of the combined coil springs and dampers. At their lower ends the springs and dampers are mounted behind the main tube of the de Dion axle, and are thus inclined forward at the top. The axle tube is located fore and aft by a triangulated member, pivoted at a single point forward on the chassis centre line. Fore and aft location is by a Watts bar and link behind the de Dion tube. The chassis-mounted final drive casing also incorporates the inboard, bi-metal drum rear brakes and there is a very short universal drive shaft to each wheel; these are of Rudge knock-off pattern, made by Borani. A five-speed gear box is part of the specification of this car-latest contender in the select band capable of a speed in excess of 120 m.p.h.
(Turin report)

1900 Coupé Sportiva Bertone at Turin Motor Show




F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:

  1000 km Buenos Aires 29.01.1956 (round 1) Results:
# chassis # Entrant: gen. class
7 1900 Santamaria / Speroni dna S2.0 -
37 Guimarey / "Caralpey" dna S3.0 -
48 12C 37 51204 Bucci / Suarez dna S+3.0 -
  Mille Miglia 18-29.04.56 (round 3) * Results:
# chassis # Entrant: gen. category class
028 Giulietta Poillucci / Vinattieri dnf T/GT1.3 -    
029 Giulietta SV Bettoja 104th T/GT1.3 28th GT1.3 19th
030 Giulietta SV Beffa / Borgonovo dnf T/GT1.3 -    
031 Giulietta SV Matteucci dnf T/GT1.3 -    
035 Giulietta SV Bormioli dnf T/GT1.3 -    
036 Giulietta Laureati / "Raoul" dnf T/GT1.3 -    
038 Giulietta Nosari / Fustos dnf T/GT1.3 -    
039 Giulietta Ambrogi / Razzuoli dnf T/GT1.3 -    
041 Giulietta Morettini / Santini dnf T/GT1.3 -    
042 Giulietta SV Luciano Ciolfi dnf T/GT1.3 -    
044 Giulietta SV Acutis 42nd T/GT1.3 9th T1.3 3rd
048 Giulietta Sprint Govoni / Gamberini dnf T/GT1.3 -    
050 Giulietta SV Bonnier / Boesen 15th T/GT1.3 3rd GT1.3 3rd
052 Giulietta SV Buoncristiani 58th T/GT1.3 16th GT1.3 12th
053 Giulietta Sprint Buticchi dnf T/GT1.3 -    
055 Giulietta SV Franceschetti 93rd T/GT1.3 25th GT1.3 18th
056 Giulietta SV Kerschbaumer / Peristi 45th T/GT1.3 11th GT1.3 8th
059 Giulietta Martin / Convert 32nd T/GT1.3 6th T1.3 2nd
101 Giulietta Sprint Melotti 92nd T/GT1.3 24th T1.3 7th
103 Giulietta SV Zafferri dnf T/GT1.3 -    
104 Giulietta Sprint Renzi dnf T/GT1.3 -    
106 Giulietta SV Sgorbati / Zanelli 11th T/GT1.3 1st GT1.3 1st
108 Giulietta SV Carini / Favero dnf T/GT1.3 -    
111 Giulietta SV Gianni / Gianni dnf T/GT1.3 -    
112 Giulietta SV Badaracco / Berney acc. T/GT1.3 -    
113 Giulietta SV Merli / Mordacci 115th T/GT1.3 30th T1.3 10th
114 Giulietta SV Vicenza / Gabaldo 43rd T/GT1.3 10th GT1.3 7th
115 Giulietta SV Fabregas / Pantaleoni 48th T/GT1.3 12th GT1.3 9th
116 Giulietta SV Nissotti 52nd T/GT1.3 14th GT1.3 11th
117 Giulietta SV Paon 34th T/GT1.3 7th GT1.3 5th
118 Giulietta SV Stern / Barbey 29th T/GT1.3 5th T1.3 1st
120 Giulietta SV Becucci / Cazzato 12th T/GT1.3 2nd GT1.3 2nd
121 Giulietta SV Morolli dnf T/GT1.3 -    
122 Giulietta SV Gorza acc. T/GT1.3 -    
127 Giulietta SV di Priolo dnf T/GT1.3 -    
128 Giulietta SV Alberini / Bacchi dnf T/GT1.3 -    
131 Giulietta SV Monzino / D'Artogna 114th T/GT1.3 29th GT1.3 20th
132 Giulietta SV Vecchi / Cavallari 96th T/GT1.3 26th T1.3 8th
133 Giulietta SV Milanesi 80th T/GT1.3 21st GT1.3 16th
135 Giulietta Sprint Masoero / Thomas 59th T/GT1.3 17th T1.3 5th
136 Giulietta SV Ficai / Ficai 35th T/GT1.3 8th GT1.3 6th
137 Giulietta SV Silva / Silva dnf T/GT1.3 -    
138 Giulietta SV Serenelli 68th T/GT1.3 19th GT1.3 14th
139 Giulietta SV Fossati dnf T/GT1.3 -    
307 1900 Lena 36th T/GT2.0 7th GT2.0 4th
313 1900 Montani dnf T/GT2.0 -    
315 1900 SS Medici 170th T/GT2.0 30th T2.0 14th
320 1900 Pezzotti 90th T/GT2.0 21st T2.0 8th
324 1900 SS Martinengo / Ronzoni 76th T/GT2.0 19th GT2.0 13th
325 1900 Gerakis / Gravier 61st T/GT2.0 15th T2.0 5th
327 1900 SS Zagato Tonini / Berlingeri 63rd T/GT2.0 16th GT2.0 11th
328 1900 SS Morelli 160th T/GT2.0 29th GT2.0 16th
329 1900 TI Dari / Cucchiarelli dnf T/GT2.0 -    
333 1900 Niccolini dnf T/GT2.0 -    
335 1900 SS Zagato Randaccio dnf T/GT2.0 -    
337 1900 Ubezzi ret. T/GT2.0 -    
338 1900 Pistoia 27th T/GT2.0 5th T2.0 2nd
341 1900 Magri / Peverada 131st T/GT2.0 27th T2.0 12th
343 1900 Castelain / Ros 99th T/GT2.0 23rd T2.0 10th
345 1900 Olivari 102nd T/GT2.0 24th T2.0 11th
346 1900 Mazzi / de Amicis 30th T/GT2.0 6th T2.0 3rd
349 1900 Nember / Caliri 75th T/GT2.0 18th T2.0 6th
350 1900 Giacobi acc. T/GT2.0 -    
353 1900 Giordani 60th T/GT2.0 14th T2.0 4th
354 1900 Fona / Della Tore dnf T/GT2.0 -    
355 1900 TI Parmigiani / Pareschi dnf T/GT2.0 -    
356 1900 Fellini dnf T/GT2.0 -    
357 1900 Zagato Rota 44th T/GT2.0 10th GT2.0 7th
425 Giulietta Spider Special Sanesi dnf S1.5 -    
* dna/dns not listed.
  Nürburgring 1000 km 27.05.1956 (round 4) Results:
# chassis Entrant: gen. class
80 Giulietta SV   Felder / Endemann H.Felder dnf GT/T1.3 -    
81 Giulietta SV   Bonnier / Mackay-Fraser J.Bonnier 11th GT/T1.3 1st    
82 Giulietta SV   Stern / Noverraz Meute ret. GT/T1.3 -    
83 Giulietta SV   Ringgenberg / Walter W.Ringgenberg 12th GT/T1.3 2nd    
84 Giulietta SV   Pagani / Cagnana Mediolanum ret. GT/T1.3 -    
85 Giulietta SV   Zeller / Bieling K.Zeller 19th GT/T1.3 6th    
86 Giulietta SV   Lang / Kuhnke A.W.Lang 18th GT/T1.3 5th    
87 Giulietta SV   Carini / Bordoni P.Carini 14th GT/T1.3 3rd    
88 Giulietta SV   Thirion / Pace G.Thirion 16th GT/T1.3 4th    


Other entries:

  Targa Florio 10.06.1956 Results:
# gen. category class
2 1900 TI Taormina/Tacci 26th turismo normal 2nd
6 1900 TI Querci/Pelloni 19th turismo normal 1st
8 1900 TI Dari 33rd turismo normal 3rd
20 Giulietta SV Laureati 15th turismo special 1st up to 1.3 1st
22 1900 TI Cavallucci/Parducci ret. - -
28 Giulietta SV Scaletta/ Ghitti 25th grand turismo 6th up to 1.3 2nd
30 Giulietta Sprint Garufi/Santonocito 24th grand turismo 5th up to 1.3 1st

Berlin GP, AVUS: Jo Bonnier, Alfa Romeo Giullietta Sprint 1300 GT, Veloce Allegretta, Winner.

Giulietta Sprint (Guido Garufi / Vincenzo Santonocito) at Targa Florio.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce, engine: L4 2v DOHC 1290 cm³ (Roberto Sgorbati / Luigi Zanelli) at Mille Miglia. Finished 11th and won in T/GT1.3 class.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Special, engine: L4 2v DOHC 1290 cm³ (Consalvo Sanesi) at Mille Miglia.