Alfa Romeo 1954

1900 / 1900 ti - end of prod.
1900 Super / 1900 Super ti - facelift
1900 Sprint - end of prod.
1900 Super Sprint - new model
1900 Super Sprint Zagato - new model
Matta AR 52 - end of production
Giulietta Sprint Bertone (1290 cm³, 65 KM) - Turin
BAT 7 Bertone - prototype at Turin Motor Show


Two primal versions of the saloon 1900 and 1900 TI were end of prod.. 7611 and 572 were built retrospectively. The sport version also recieved the increased size engine. 949 were made. Only versions built by Touring (Coupé) and Pininfarina (convertible) are now sold directly by the Alfa Romeo dealer network.

6C 3000 - One of the two spiders was modified to comply with the new regulations and the engine capacity was limited to 3-liters. This car was renamed PR, Passo Ridotto (Reduced Wheelbase).

Pride of place amongst the new models must be acCorded to the new small Alfa Romeo, christened the Giulietta 1300 Sprint. The anglicized form of the name , is, of course, Juliet, and there is a new Romeo, too, this being the name given to another new Alfa model, available as a camping car on nine-seater lines, and evidently intended to compete with the similar form of the Volkswagen.
(Turin report)



Berlina (wb. 2630 mm)
1900 Super (4 cyl, 1975 cm³, 90 KM)
1900 Primavera (4 cyl, 1975 cm³, 90 KM)
1900 TI Super (4 cyl, 1975 cm³, 115 KM)

Alfa Romeo 1900 ti

Modifications in other Alfa Romeo models have also been made, the 1900 becoming the 1900 Super and the engine size being slightly increased from 1,884 to 1,975 c.c., with other minor alterations, resulting in increased power, particularly at the lower end. The bore and stroke are now 84.50 x 88 mm, and with a compression ratio of 7.5 to 1 the output is 90 b.h.p, at 5,200 r.p.m. Improvements in the coachwork make for increased comfort; the facia is restyled with hooded instruments in front of the driver, a larger rear window is fitted, and the capacity of the luggage locker has been increased. Finned front brake drums are also fitted, as on the Giulietta.
(Turin report)


1900 C Super

Coupé, Cabriolet (wb. 2500 mm)
1900 C (4 cyl, 1884 cm³, 100 KM) - end of prod.
1900 CS (4 cyl, 1975 cm³, 115 KM) - new model
1900 CSS (4 cyl, 1975 cm³, 125 KM) - new model

1900 C Coupé

Alfa Romeo 1900 C Touring

Alfa Romeo 1900 SS Zagato

The Super Sprint has also received minor modifications, and the 1,975 c.c. engine with a compression ratio of 8 to 1 gives 115 b.h.p. at 5,500 r.p.m. A five speed, all indirect, gear box is fitted. A slight lowering of the front has resulted in decreased wind resistance and the maximum speed is given as 200 k.p.h. or about 126 m.p.h.
(Turin report)

Bertone 2000 Sportiva na podwoziu Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo made two spiders and two Coupés using similar chassis as the C52 Disco Volante. In Bertone, Franco Scaglione penned two unique aluminum bodies, a Coupé and a spider. The Coupé is called 2000 Sportiva. The Spider with chassis number 19005-00003 weighs 2,000 pounds (910 kg) and has 138 horsepower. The top speed is around 137 mph (220 km/h).



(4 cyl, 1290 cm³, 65 KM)

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1300 Sprint with Bertone body at the Paris Motor Show.

The Giulietta Sprint Coupé is the forerunner of a series saloon model to the same general specification. It enters a new field of activity for Alfa Romeo, which as a make has hitherto been confined to the high-performance class of medium size represented by the well known 1900 model. In specification the Giulietta is in the true Alfa Romeo tradition, having a twin camshaft overhead valve engine of 74 x 75 mm bore and stroke (1,290 c.c.), with which a dry-plate clutch and four-speed all-synchromesh gear box form a unit. A two-piece propeller-shaft with intermediate bearing transmits the power to the hypoid bevel final drive of 4.55 to 1 ratio, and the rear axle casing is located by radius rods at each side and by a central triangulated member, the suspension being by coil springs and telescopic hydraulic dampers. The front independent suspension is by superimposed wishbone links and coil springs set with their axes inclined inwards. The brakes are hydraulic, with two leading shoes at the front. Bi-metal drums of large diameter are used, as on the 1900 TI, and the front drums carry numerous helicoidal fins for the better dissipation of heat. The disc wheels also are pierced to allow air to circulate freely over the drums. In appearance, too, the car is a true Alfa, with a smaller replica of the shield-shaped grille. The body is of aerodynamic design and is built by Bertone and finished by Ghia. It is a sports two-seater Coupé with space behind the seats for luggage. There is also a luggage compartment in the long sloping tail, the whole of the tail panel complete with large rear window opening up on a side hinge. A handle in the trim panel on the right-hand side controls the opening of the tail, so that luggage is secure when the car is left with locked doors. Curved windscreen and rear window give excellent visibility. The door windows have winders and the quarter windows open for ventilation. A large parcel shelf is formed behind the bulkhead of the luggage platform. Instruments are grouped in three dials beneath a single cowl to prevent reflections, and include a rev counter. In view of the low drag of the body design, and the fact that the power output is 65 b.h.p. at 6,000 r.p.m. one feels able to accept the claimed performance of 160 k.p.h. or 100 m.p.h. It is also understandable why such attention has been paid to the brake cooling. As the weight is less than 16 cwt it may be expected that the acceleration will be decidedly brisk. The car's track is 4ft 2in and wheelbase 7ft 9 ¾ in.
(Turin report)

Giulietta Sprint


BAT 7 - prototype

BAT 7 by Bertone




New version AR 52 for civilian market, here converted into fire engine. 154 were built.



(4 cyl petrol, 1290 cm³, 65 KM)
(2 cyl diesel, 1158 cm³, 30 KM)

Romeo at Turin Show

The new Romeo is interesting as a camping or estate car, because it is available with the same engine as the new Giulietta or alternatively with a two-cylinder vertical supercharged diesel two-stroke engine of 85 x 102 mm bore and stroke (1,158 c.c.), developing 30 b.h.p, at 2,800 r.p.m., which is built under List licence.
(Turin report)





F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:

Mille Miglia 1-2.05.1954 (round 3) * Results:
# chassis # Entrant: gen. class
251 1900 TI 07564 Fantuzzi / Fancelli 50th T+1.3 10th
254 1900 Bellini / Braghiroli 51st T+1.3 11th
300 1900 Rota / Martelli 46th T+1.3 8th
303 1900 TI Gisonda / Nardi 71st T+1.3 18th
305 1900 TI Favera / Artusi 11th T+1.3 2nd
306 1900 TI Zoni / Pareschi 63rd T+1.3 17th
309 1900 Mainardi / Bellingeri 54th T+1.3 12th
312 1900 TI Franceschetti / Meo 22nd T+1.3 3rd
314 1900 Giacobi / Bona 44th T+1.3 7th
315 1900 Giacotto / Bettini 104th T+1.3 19th
316 1900 TI 07870 Ricci / Succi 37th T+1.3 6th
317 1900 TI Sbraci / Giudizi 28th T+1.3 4th
319 1900 TI Pagani / Zardi 59th T+1.3 14th
318 1900 Paesetti / Carancini 61st T+1.3 16th
321 1900 Malavasi 60th T+1.3 15th
326 1900 TI Carini / Artesiani 8th T+1.3 1st
329 1900 TI Medici / Grassi 56th T+1.3 13th
331 1900 TI Marenghi / Concari 30th T+1.3 5th
333 1900 TI 05086 Locatelli / Prandina 47th T+1.3 9th
422 1900 TI 07762 Anelli / Bitetto 40th GT+1.5 15th
457 1900 SS Sanesi / Cagna 52nd S2.0 9th
* only finishing cars listed.
  Carrera Panamericana 19-23.11.54 (round 6) Results:
# chassis # Entrant: gen. class
251 1900 TI 07743 Sanesi / Cagna Finmeccanica 15th TE1.9 1st
252 1900 TI Velazquez / Ruiz Atoyac 30th TE1.9 5th
254 1900 T Mancini / Mijares Anaconda Nacional ret. TE1.9 -
255 1900 TI 07823 Carini / Sambrotta Finmeccanica 20th TE1.9 4th
256 1900 TI 07744 Mantovani / Chiappa Finmeccanica 18th TE1.9 2nd
257 1900 TI 07438 Solana / Leguizamo Finmeccanica dnf TE1.9 -
258 1900 T Llano Llano dnf TE1.9 -
260 1900 T Airaldi Airaldi dnf TE1.9 -
264 1900 T Llano Llano dna TE1.9 -
265 1900 T Cerezo / Palacios Cerezo acc. TE1.9 -
266 1900 T Fluchaire Fluchaire dna TE1.9 -
267 1900 TI 07547 Favera / Campigotto Finmeccanica 19th TE1.9 3rd
268 1900 TI 06245 Bonini / Zanavoni Finmeccanica acc. TE1.9 -

Alfa Romeo 1900 TI, chassis #07564 (Mario Fantuzzi / Duilio Fancelli) at Mille Miglia.