Alfa Romeo 1934

6C 2300 - new model
8C 2300 - end of prod.
8C 2600 - new model


The 6C 2300 was designed by Vittorio Jano as a cheaper alternative to the 8C with a newly designed, larger engine. Chassis however, had been taken from the predecessor 6C 1750. It made it's debut at the Milan Motor Show with a four-door body by Castagna. A short-wheelbase Gran Turismo version soon followed, as did a higher compression version offering nearly 100 horsepower. These sporty versions are called the Pescara. The long wheelbase versions are called the Turismo's, the shorter Gran Turismo.
188 chassis of the 8C 2300 were built.

6C 2300

6C 2300 Turismo (6 cyl, 2309 cc, 68 bhp; 126.4 in) (225 ex.)
6C 2300 Gran Turismo (6 cyl, 2309 cc, 76 bhp; 115.2 in) (473 ex.)
6C 2300 Pescara (6 cyl, 2309 cc, 95 bhp; 115.2 in) (60 ex.)

Salone di Milano, April.

6 C 2300 GT

6 C 2300 Gran Turismo Farina

8C 2300

8C 2300 Corto / Lungo (R8 cyl, 2336 cc, 142 bhp; 108.3/122 in) - end of prod.
8C 2300 Le Mans (R8 cyl, 2336 cc, 155 bhp; 122 in) - end (9 ex.)

8C 2300 was initially designed as a racing car, but actually produced in 188 units for road use in Corto and Lungo.

8C 2300

8C 2600



1st 24h Le Mans #9 8C 2300 Chinetti / Etancelin
1st Targa Florio #10 B P3 2.9 Varzi
2nd Targa Florio #2 8C 2300 Monza Barbieri
3rd Targa Florio #22 6C 1750 GS Magistri
1st Coppa Borodino Varzi
2nd Coppa Borodino Chiron
3rd Coppa Borodino Tadini
1st Coppa Ciano Varzi
2nd Coppa Ciano Moll
1st Targa Abruzzo Cotrese / Severi
2nd Targa Abruzzo Tadini / Barbieri
3rd Targa Abruzzo Rosa/ Comotti
1st Mille Miglia Varzi / Bignami
2nd Mille Miglia Nuvolari / Siena
3rd Mille Miglia Chiron / Rosa
2nd Coppa Principessa di Piemonte Brivio
3rd Coppa Principessa di Piemonte Tadini
3rd Eifelrennen Chiron
1st Avusrennen Moll
2nd Avusrennen Varzi

1st French GP Chiron
2nd French GP Varzi
3rd French GP Trossi/Moll
3rd Italian GP Trossi / Comotti
1st Penya Rhin GP Varzi
2nd Penya Rhin GP Chiron
3rd Penya Rhin GP Lehoux
3rd German GP Chiron
1st Monaco GP Moll
2nd Monaco GP Chiron
1st Comminges GP Comotti
1st Tripoli GP Varzi
2nd Tripoli GP Moll
3rd Tripoli GP Chiron


  Targa Florio entries: (20.05.1934) Result:
#2 8C 2300 Monza Barbieri 2nd
#6 B P3 2.9 Ghersi 6th
#8 8C 2600 Carraroli ret.
#10 B P3 2.9 Varzi 1st
#12 8C 2600 Balestrero 4th
#14 8C 2600 Battaglia 8th
#18 8C 2300 Pages 5th
#22 6C 1750 GS Magistri 3rd
#28 6C 1750 GS Cortese 7th
#30 8C 2300 Battialna ret.

  24h Le Mans 16.06.1934 Entrant: Results:
gen. class
#5 8C 2300 Clifford / Davies T. Rose-Richards ret. -
#6 8C 2300 Howe / Rose-Richards Lord Howe ret. -
#7 8C 2300 Sommer / Félix R. Sommer ret. -
#9 8C 2300 Chinetti / Etancelin L. Chinetti 1st 1st - 2001-3000

Alfa Romeo at French GP.


Alfa Romeo P3 Chiron Francorchamps

8C 2300 Tipo 35

8C 2300 (Lord Freddie de Clifford / Saunders Davies) at Le Mans.

8C 2300 (Lord Howe (Earl Howe) / Tim Rose-Richards) at Le Mans.

Le Mans.

The 24h Le Mans winner: the 8C 2300 (Philippe Etancelin and Luigi Chinetti).

Varzi at Targa Florio.

Targa Florio winner: Achille Varzi (Scuderia Ferrari).

Tipo B Aerodinamica zbudowana do udziału w wyścigu na torze AVUS. 8 cyl, 2905 cm³, 262 km/h.