AC 1956

2-Litre (R6, 1991cc, 76bhp)
Ace / Ace Bristol (R6, 1991cc, 90bhp / 1971cc, 105bhp)
Aceca / Aceca Bristol (R6, 1991cc, 90bhp / 1971cc, 105bhp)



The 2-Litre two-door model was end of prod. in 1956.

AC Aceca, Hard-top Coupé and Ace open model are continued with no material changes but the Aceca now featured front and rear bumpers. It have similar basic specifications to the Ace, except that the differential is rubber-mounted, the instrument panel is different and it is longer, wider, higher and heavier. From April 1956 both models are also available with the 120bhp, 1971cc Bristol straight six, giving a top speed of 125 mph. Overdrive was fitted from 1956.

AC Ace


Petite Mk II – October advert.