AC 1934

Great Britain

16/56, 16/66 

AC 16/56 Greyhound Saloon with sliding roof.

AC Ace 16/56 Drophead Coupé was one of five models available and cost £435.


AC (Acedes) produce a range of 2-Litre models, all with 9 ft 7 in wheelbase. The 1990-cc (65 x 100 mm) OHC six-cylinder engine came in two variants, viz. the 16/56 (56 bhp at 3500 rpm) and the three-carburettor 16/66 (66 bhp at 3500 rpm). Both engines have a treasury rating of 15.7 HP and an aluminium cylinder block with inserted sleeves. Chassis prices are £320 and £365 respectively.